A Time Clock Similar to TSheets

Many small business owners could be finding themselves looking for a new online time clock system in the near future from the latest news that Intuit has purchased the company, TSheets. What does this mean? Well, we aren’t sure, but we do know that OnTheClock offers a time clock software that is similar to TSheets.

Features offered by OnTheClock:

  • 100% Cloud Based
  • Mobile App
  • Gps and Geo-Fencing
  • Biometric/Fingerprint punch in and out
  • PTO Tracking
  • Accurate Time Card Calculator
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Employee Shift Scheduling
  • Job Costing
  • Remote Employee Tracking
  • Live Time Reports and Statistics
  • Option to have Punch in/out reminders sent to employees via email and/or text message

Cheap Time Clock System

Price is very important to small business owners whenever making an investment. This is why OnTheClock offers a low-cost employee time tracking system. We strongly believe that you should be able to provide accurate time cards while tracking your employees without wasting time and money.

OnTheClock Pricing Compared to TSheets

What’s the price difference you may ask? Here is a comparison between OnTheClock’s time clock pricing compared to TSheets’ time tracking pricing.

OnTheClock Pricing



TSheets Pricing


How does OnTheClock compare to TSheets’ prices?

  • Free for up to 2 users instead of 1
  • Cheaper costs per employee
  • No base fee
  • No additional charges for scheduling

Try an Online Time Clock for Free

Similar to TSheets, OnTheClock offers a Free Trial. But wait, our Free Trial is 30 days long and TSheets is only 14 days. We feel that you should be able to have a full month to try out our system yourself, introduce it to your employees so they have time to get used to it, and see if it’s a good fit for your company before making the investment.

If you are looking for an online time tracking clock system that is similar to Tsheets then we highly encourage you to try our 30 Free Trial. No obligations, no commitments and cancellations are always free.