4 Reasons Why I Prefer OnTheClock

Customer Testimony By Tim Cheung from Sports de Combats

As a small business owner, I'm typically strapped for time because there are just so many things demanding my attention. I am always under pressure to get the most bang for my buck, and I don’t have a whole lot of time to figure out how to use new tools. Thus, it’s important to me to have an employee time clock program that’s robust, easy to learn, and cost-effective. OnTheClock fills those needs, and here are the reasons why I prefer OnTheClock.

It’s Easy to Learn and Use

OnTheClock is very easy to learn. The layout is simple, intuitive, and uncluttered – altogether it took me around 5 minutes to figure out all the features I needed from it. If you want to see who’s in, there’s a screen called “Who’s In” which lets you see who’s clocked in and who’s not. There’s a manual punch in punch out button you can use when employees inevitably forget to punch in or punch out. The Time Cards screen gives you an overview of your employees’ clocked time for the current pay cycle, making it easy for you to manage their time and avoid unnecessary overtime. Extracting timesheets is a breeze, allowing you to extract in Excel format or sent directly to you via email. There are many more features, but they don’t get in the way of the core necessities of the time tracking software.

It’s Cost-Effective

At $2.50 per employee per month, OnTheClock is a bargain. They advertise “from $2.20 per employee”, but my business has only 15 employees so I don’t see those rates. Nevertheless, the difference is so small that you can’t help but think that OnTheClock’s pricing is incredibly fair and reasonable. Furthermore, OnTheClock’s pricing is simple – your bill depends on how many employees you have, and that’s it. All the features of the program are included, there’s no extra fees anywhere, they don’t try to wrestle more money out of your pockets with bespoke gimmicks, and you will never be left wondering why your bill’s higher than last month. In short, their pricing model is brutally upfront and honest, and this is the type of business that I prefer to deal with.

It's Available Online

My work is spread out between 4 (FOUR!) devices – a work laptop, a personal laptop, a desktop at my business, and my phone. The beauty of OnTheClock is that it’s available online. I don’t need to install anything on my individual devices. I just bookmark it on my browser, and as long as I have internet access I can use the software anywhere. Furthermore, employees can punch in or punch out from their own phone if you let them set it up on their device, so if there is already a crowd of customers at the reception (where my desktop computer for the group punch station is), the employee doesn’t have to interrupt the receptionist to clock in or out.

It Helps Me Make Referrals

Like many others, my business has a significant dependence on word of mouth and referrals, which results 5x more sales than paid advertising. Many of our birthday parties come from parents who recommend our place to other parents, or kids who want to come back because they had a blast the last time they were here for a friend’s party. Thus, I like to promote the honest businesses I work with to my network. Their Refer a Friend program lets me earn discounts through my referrals, and they help streamline the process by providing me with a personal link.

This article was written by Tim Cheung, owner at Sports de Combats, an indoor recreational facility in Montreal. We focus on several niche combat-related sports, such as Combat Archery, Axe & Knife Throwing, Rage Cage, Archery Lessons, and Nerf Battle.

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