5 Simple Time Saving Techniques for Small Businesses to add to Their Checklists

Time saving techniques for small businesses

As a small business owner, one of your priorities is to save time. Time-saving tools and techniques explained in this article could help your business grow, increase productivity and save money. Small businesses around the globe constantly find ways to improve their company while on the clock and here are some ways you can too.

1. Create a business plan

Every small business has a starting point and it is important to give it time to see results. By creating a plan you will have goals set for employees, managers, and other contributors like yourself to accomplish. This may sound very simple and easy, but the fact is many company owners do not cover their plan from A to Z. Nationwide reports that a business plan should be updated annually to guide growth and expand into new markets. In addition, too many do not stay with their plans long enough to see what works and what does not work. Keep in mind that it is okay for your plan to not be successful at times. We all have come up short when setting goals but look at them as a learning mistake rather than a failure.

2. Time and attendance tracking

Usually in the world of business, the amount of money that is owed is based on the amount of time that was invested. This is why it is important to use a time tracking tool for yourself and your employees. An employee time clock system will allow you to know where time is being spent and if it is worth it or not to continue putting in more of it. Employee time tracking is extremely important because it helps employers to pay their employees accurately. Additionally, the use of an online time clock, it will allow employers to save money and prevent overpaying on their payroll budget. You will no longer have to waste valuable time manually adding up employee time cards. Just think about how nice this would be.

3. Have your payroll automated

We all know how long of a process payroll can take if it is manually being done. It is recommended to integrate your payroll with your time clock software. For example, OnTheClock is an online employee time clock system that has numerous options for its users to choose from when it comes to integrating with payroll companies. It’s as easy as employees punching in and out, then the time clock system will automatically generate and add up the timesheets, and finally, a simple click to send over to your payroll provider so employees can be paid. Boom, done! This helps to decrease payroll errors while saving you and your company a lot of time that can be used towards another aspect of the business.

4. Learn to delegate work to qualified individuals

If you own a small business then chances are that you are very involved in the day-to-day operations, but are you too involved? Do you find yourself spending time on tasks that you have hired someone else to do? Don’t worry, this seems like a very common issue that small business owners face. You just want what is best for your company and I completely understand that, but sometimes it’s just best to delegate workloads to someone who you trust to accomplish it. After all, you are the one who hired your employees so why not trust them to get the job done correctly so you can stick to your original game plan. Remember how we talked about creating a game plan and sticking to it in number 1? NCSU.edu reports time-saving, achieving more, and increasing your value as some benefits why you should delegate.

5. Take advantage of mobile apps

Contrary to what some may think, mobile apps were designed to provide convenience to users. A variety of companies offer mobile apps including bill payment companies and time tracking apps. Imagine if you started paying your business bills with a quick tap of an app. The amount of time this would save you compared to other methods is amazing. Also, how nice would it be to have your employees clock in from a mobile app from their phone? This would eliminate wasted time and ensure that your employees get to work faster.

Conclusion to saving time

It is probably safe to say that we would all enjoy saving time, saving money, and not being overwhelmed, right? Then start implementing these techniques and start leading a happier and healthier life for a small business owner. You have invested so much into your brand and company, and it is finally time that you live the dream you set out to accomplish. Enjoy saving time so you can have more of it to use in other parts of your life because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.


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