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A Time Tracking App That Syncs With QuickBooks

Your company may use QuickBooks to calculate its payroll, but what do you use to keep track of your employee’s hours? Here at OnTheClock we feel that both are equally important and essential to accurately track and calculate. This is one of many reasons why OnTheClock’s online time clock app is designed to sync with QuickBooks. By integrating the two, it has allowed over 6,000 customers to save time and money, while improving business operations. In this blog we will discuss just how simple and easy it is for your company to sync your time tracking app with QuickBooks. You will also see why has listed OnTheClock as one of the best time tracking apps that integrates with QuickBooks.

How to sync QuickBooks with a time tracking app

“QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting solutions in the cloud, and its integrations with time clock apps enable organizations to simplify payroll processes and eliminate human timecard inputting errors. was praised by users for its affordability, easy timecard export to QuickBooks, and the ease of punch in/out features for employees” says GetApp writer Rhiân Davies.

Operating a business successfully has many key components and time tracking and payroll are just two of them. After you have signed up with OnTheClock’s 30 day free trial, you are then able to start syncing your account with QuickBooks. From here you will be able to understand how convenient it is to make the change to an online time clock. According to a reviewer from, "Since we started using this software it has made payroll a much easier job. Not having to order a time clock nor time cards saves us money and having digital records saves space", and lists the 'pro' of using the software as being able to "Download time cards into QuickBooks".

First, you will start by connecting the two programs together. Don’t worry; this is a very simple process to achieve. Click on Time Clock Settings and choose the tab marked Payroll Providers. You will then be able to see the button that is labeled Connect to QuickBooks. Once the tab opens you will be able to verify with QuickBooks that you want to connect your company’s account with On The Clock. The system will update both programs and you will return back to the Payroll Providers tab where you will be able to see and confirm the integration has occurred. What if you want to disconnect your time clock app from QuickBooks? No problem at all! All you have to do is click the same button and follow the same process.


Adding employees from a time clock app to QuickBooks

OnTheClock has made this a time-saving process when you want to add employees to QuickBooks. Don’t believe us? Check out user reviews directly from QuickBooks and see for yourself. First, go to the Employees page at On The Clock. Once you are on the page, you are then able to see your employees listed. This list will allow you to know who needs to be added and who is already added. If you need to add employees then return to On The Clock and choose the QuickBooks Import green button. Within a few seconds after clicking it, you can see that new employees were added.

How to export timecards to QuickBooks

At this point you need to export your employee’s timecards to QuickBooks so payroll and accounting is up to date. After All, you want to make sure your business is operating efficiently, right? By clicking on the Time Cards tab, you will see the timecard for the pay period you want to update. Once you confirm this is the information you want to export, choose the green and white Send to QuickBooks button right there on your screen. You will receive a message alerting you that the export was successful.


To confirm the information was updated, visit the Reports section of your QuickBooks account.  From here you will match up the time frame, choose Run Report and there you can see the timecard has been entered. It also notes that the information was imported from OnTheClock. And this is how easy it is to sync your time tracking app with QuickBooks.

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