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Best app for Tracking Employee Hours Worked

Looking for the best app for tracking employee hours worked? Look no further because OnTheClock’s employee time tracking app has helped over 9,000 companies improve their time card accuracy. Tracking employees’ time worked by the use of an online time clock is important for any small business to prevent errors on timesheets when they are submitted to payroll. Time clocks have changed the way employees punch in and out, and modern time clocks are allowing a more convenient way to see who is on the clock from a mobile app.

Would you like to know who is punching in and out and from where?

As a business owner, daily life can become extremely busy and you catch yourself running out of time to do everything on your checklist. Some employees could be coming and going as they please and you may not have any idea. An online time clock system can help you see where an individual is clocking in and out to assure they are where they are supposed to be. Our time clock app offers many settings so you can use our robust features such as geofencing, GPS, IP address lockdown, group punch and other employee tracking features. This will allow you to assign how an employee can or cannot punch in/out to prevent time theft. In return, you will see a decrease in payroll expenses due to 100 percent accurate time cards. When you have accurate time cards, you will reduce the likelihood of overpaying employees’ salary.

OnTheClock also offers a Who’s In Page where Administrators will have the ability to see which employees are clocked in or out. This is nice because a time tracking page can be accessed without you being physically present at the office or shop. Let's say you as the business owner is taking a well deserved vacation and you are wondering if an employee is abusing their timesheet reports since you are gone. You can easily access your account as long as you have an internet, wifi or data connection on your mobile device. Many of our users access their employee time clock app from tablets and smartphones when they are out of town or on vacation.

Choosing the best employee time clock app for your company’s time tracking

When looking for the best app for tracking employee hours worked, it is important to read the app reviews. OnTheClock has a variety of reviews from employees who use the mobile app as well as the business owners who also use the mobile app. This is a great mix because it gives feedback from different types of users. Our goal is to supply our customers and their businesses with the best employee time clock app available for the best value. Why do we take pride in our awesome 4.7 star rating average across all of our review platforms? Well, according to a study by, 88% of people have read reviews online to determine the quality of a business. So we understand a thing or two when it comes to potential customers gaining an understanding on how our time clock benefits for their employees and small businesses.


It is also recommended to us a time tracking app that is easy and simple to use. Think about it, you are wanting to invest into a time clock system so that it makes your life easier. So why would we want to complicate things? We understand how important time management is and so do our users, just check out what one of our customers had to say!

Michelle says, “I'm an administrator for a small office and this payroll program is perfect for us. The employees find it easy to use. I am pleased with how simple it is for me to make changes or corrections to their time cards, as well as process the bi-weekly payroll. I highly recommend On The Clock!” This review can be found on OnTheClock’s reviews page.

How to find the OnTheClock mobile app

This part is so simple that we don’t even consider it a “process” because it is that quick! Go to your Google Play Store on your Android device or The AppStore on your Apple device and type in OnTheClock. Then simply download the mobile time clock app and you are all set. It will be successfully downloaded onto your smartphone and/or tablet so you can conveniently use the best app that is available for tracking employee hours worked. Rest assured that you can enjoy our online time clock absolutely free for 30 days so you can see how it will benefit your small business.

Start knowing who in on the clock by obtaining accurate time cards. Time clock punches are all in live time which means time cards are exact to help streamline payroll processing. 


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