Clocking in and out with an Online Time Clock

After many years of developing and improving our online time clock system when it comes to employees clocking in and clocking out, we are confident that your business will be able to take advantage of tracking your employees efficiently. It’s your right to know if employees are clocking in and out when they should be and OnTheClock is here to help.

How to clock in and out

Clocking in and out is simple as a click of a button through a mobile device or computer. After you have created an account and your employees have downloaded the mobile app, then he or she can start punching in and out with ease. Once the employee has logged into their account and is ready to start the day, all they have to do is tap or click the punch in button. Our online time clock system automatically records the time they clocked in. After their day is complete and they are ready to go home, all they have to do is tap or click the punch out button. Once again, our web-based time tracking software records their clock out time and automatically adds the total time to their time cards.

Accurate time tracking

Most of us have been there when it comes to having to manually add up employee hours. This can take extensive amounts of time and can also get frustrating as well. On The Clock has designed an online time clock to prevent manual time card tracking. Our employee time tracking software will calculate all of your employee’s clock in and clock out times automatically. This means more time for you to have available to put towards other important aspects of your company.

OnTheClock’s time cards will report the accurate time down to the actual minute for how long an employee worked. This can help avoid payroll mistakes and save time. Employers can rest assured that they are not overpaying their employees. The employees can also have a peace of mind knowing their paychecks are 100% accurate based on their time cards.

Benefits to clocking in and out with a modern time clock

Here are 8 major benefits that web based time clocks offer to users:

As you can see, clocking in and out with On The Clock has many benefits for a company to use. When a business owner is being proactive and takes the time to invest in a time clock that employees will enjoy, then the business owner is increasing productivity and improving the business as a whole. But how is this so you may ask. By eliminating unnecessary time that it takes to manually add up time card hours you will then have time to put towards other tasks that help keep the company successful.

The best time clock app

When considering an online time clock, you want to consider these couple things:

  • Does it sync with QuickBooks?
  • Does the clock in app have accredited recognition from a well-known source such as GetApp?
  • Is there an app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android?
  • Does the mobile time clock have good customer reviews?

You will see that OnTheClock has all the above and this is what makes us stand out from the competition. Our quick and convenient clock in and out system is designed to fulfil your every day needs when it comes to employee time tracking.

Free time clock

OnTheClock offers a free 30 trial for consumers to use to see if an online time clock is for their business. You will receive the same benefits as you would if you were an actual paying customer. Our reviews show that our customers are extremely satisfied and love the mobile time clock app. We encourage you to visit Capterra, Facebook, Google and OnTheClock to read what our customers are saying about us.

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