Employee Group Settings

In 2017 OnTheClock implemented a feature called “Employee Groups”.  This feature allows administrators to setup and maintain default settings for employees. Once setup a group can be assigned to one or more employees.  Prior to this feature, minor adjustments to employee settings would require that each employee record be individually maintained. Having consistent employee settings offers peace of mind for business owners.  Information in how to setup employee groups can be found in our help section.


What are employee group settings?

Employee group settings are basically default settings used for one or more employees. The employee group setting page is identical to the employee page except for the basic information section (name, email, pwd, etc…) which has been omitted.  When an employee group is modified, each employee assigned to that group are also updated with the group setting.

Can I override group settings?

In some situations, an employee may need a specific setting that only applies to them.  This is where the override checkboxes come in.  If an employee is assigned to a group, you will notice that each section on the employee page has an override checkbox displayed.  If section is overridden, that section will become editable so you can customize that employee’s setting.

When to use group settings?

We recommend using group settings if your employees will generally have the same settings.  Think of employee group settings as a master copy for your employee settings.  Once established, a group setting can easily be assigned to each of your employees by selecting the group on top of the employee settings page.

Caveats to using group settings

The addition of group settings has been a real-time saver for many employers.  However, there is one thing to be aware of.


When a group is assigned to an employee, their settings will be overridden by those of the group.  In most cases, this is exactly what you might expect to occur.  However, for employees who track PTO (paid time off), the group setting will replace an employee's PTO setup which are often very specific to an employee.  This is not an ideal situation.  Should this happen, the original PTO Values can be viewed in your account activity log.


The bottom line is that group settings is a great administrative feature, however not everyone knows it exist or understand how it works.  If your reading this article hopefully you’ll have a better understanding on how to setup and use employee groups.  If for any reason you have questions, we’re always here to assist too!


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