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Humans Are People Not Resources

Employee RockStars

Human Resources RockStars

 I think modern companies could learn a few things from Chick-fil-a and Google

A resource is a finite supply of energy which has an expiration date and can be used at will.  When humans are used as resources, they have a finite supply, an expiration date and you can use them at will.  These 3 (negative) things are not what humans were created for.  People have ideas, creativity, energy and so much more.  Without people, we would not have progress of the human race. Use them for God’s sake!

Chick-fil-a is “the model fast food chain restaurant" (as said by their peers) that I personally love, they make really awesome spicy chicken sandwiches. Order the fries well done and use their signature sauce, It’s Amazing!  But there is something else present when my family goes there.  Directly after entering the door, I immediately feel something is different, in a very good way.  All the employees are happy and there is peace in the air. After a bit of research, I found out why.

At the center of Chick-fil-a is an amazing culture, as founder Truett Cathy says it, “an enduring culture that values people above everything else”. Employees have  a “servant leadership” mindset in regards to the customer and their fellow workers.  When hiring, the philosophy is to allow the candidate to select the organization and culture. If the candidate is aligned with the organization's culture, they will have the ability to excel and become a rockstar!

If the fast food industry, the chain is  considered “the model” fast food company.  The have had a more than 10% sales increase almost every year since opening in 1946.  They are definitely doing something right!

Then There is Google, a search, map, email and everything provider company, I’m sure you have heard of them.  The Googleplex is the main headquarters and is basically a campus of creativity.  With a free gourmet cafeteria, child care, haircuts, massages and more!  How would someone not want to work there? Employees also can use 10% of their work hours on any project they choose, this freedom has always struck me as impressive.

“People Operations” is what google calls the traditional Human Resources department, apparently they recognize the need for rename as well.  The people operations is where Google say they “find them, grow them, and keep them", meaning people of course.

So Here , I quickly looked at 2 very different companies, one production based, the other tech and creative based.  However there is one common thread, their people are amazing!  At the heart of any successful company are "rockstar employees". This leads me to only one conclusion...


Humans are people, not resources.  It's up to you to turn your people into RockStars.


So how do you create your rockstars?


  1. Value your people (employees and customers) above all else
  2. Be honest with your employees, they can tell when you’re not
  3. Empower your employees by allowing them to make decisions


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