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Free Time Card Calculator

How do you track your time and attendance as an employee? Do you write it down on a timesheet, use an online time clock, use a traditional style punch clock or do you just trust that your employer is documenting your hours accurately? You could be missing out on a few minutes here and there that quickly add up and you may not even know it. Fortunately, OnTheClock offers a free timecard calculator that allows you, the employee, to enter your hours worked and save them.

What is a free time card calculator

OnTheClock’s free time card calculator is a tool that was designed for employees to keep track of their hours they have worked. Employees are able to put in their punch in time and punch out time. Then they are able to save this information as a PDF file or Excel sheet. This does not just give the employees an accurate way to track their hours, but it also allows them to obtain a hard-copy to keep for their records.

How to use OnTheClock’s free time card calculator

It is very convenient and time saving to use this free time calculator. First, visit the link here at to be brought to the free time card page. Once you are on the free time card calculator webpage, you are able to put in the criteria that best fits your work situation.

Employees can add the from date and through date to match the pay period that was worked. Then select the option if you would like OnTheClock to calculate any possible overtime or not. From here you add your time in, time out and your break time on each day that applies Monday through Sunday. Other optional settings include adding the company’s name and employee’s name. Although adding the company and employee name is optional, it is recommended for keeping up with your time tracking in case you work more than one job at a time.


Finally, the hours worked are automatically calculated and the employee can choose how they would like to save their hours worked. The two options to select how to save your hours include a PDF file or saving it as an Excel timesheet. Both are great ways to keep up on your time tracking and attendance, so feel free to choose the one that best fits you.

Why does OnTheClock offer a free online time card

OnTheClock understands the importance of accurate employee time tracking. It is important for not just the employer to know the employee's hours that have been worked, but it is also important for the actual employee to know what their weekly hours are as well. We are all humans and sometimes we may forget a day that we had to miss work, but by using the free online time card calculator you will be able to also use it as an attendance tracker. Employees can look at this free tool as being their own personal assistant!  

OnTheClock is a big believer in making the workday easier and more productive for businesses. Along with our free online time card, we also offer a fully featured web based time clock app. This modern time clock is geared for employers to track their employee’s time and make business operations simple. Accurate employee time tracking is essential for a company to be successful and OnTheClock has designed a software as a service that does just this. There is never any messy software that needs to be downloaded and everything is cloud based, which means all of your employee time tracking information is safely and securely saved. This gives employers the peace of mind knowing their timecards, accounting, payroll and budget is accurate and being where it should be. For more information please visit and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and LinkedIn for free giveaways and updates.

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