Go Green with an Online Time Clock

Going green can be explained as an individual, company, industry or service provider that makes an ethical decision to create and/or purchase products and services for and from the community that are environmentally safe in order to preserve natural resources.

You are probably a really busy business owner that goes through countless amounts of paper to keep track of numerous business related topics. If you take the time to actually look around your office then you will probably notice the amount of wasted paper you have laying around. How many of those papers have to do with employee time tracking? How about handwritten time cards or paid time off request sheets? Chances are that you have quite a few of these if you have not upgraded to a modern time clock system. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut back on the amount of wasted paper and save money at the same time while your employees are on the clock?

The endless paper trail

As mentioned above, if you are a business owner then chances are you have plenty on your plate on a daily basis to keep your company operating. How many times have you went to do payroll and gone through your employee’s time cards and realized that someone did not turn there’s in or it was lost? Panic kicks in as you find yourself elbow deep while searching all over your desk that is full of notes, memos, emails, requested time off and scheduling sheets. Payroll needs to be finished by the end of the day and you are having a difficult time finding the spreadsheet with an employee’s time on it. You can try to use your memory to figure out the time he/she may have worked, but then you risk overpaying or underpaying - the company and employee both are on a budget, so neither side wins in this situation.


A sustainable time clock system

After many years of frustration you finally give in and make the transition to a modern time clock that will save thousands of papers and dollars. According to an article published by informIT, the average office worker uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper per year. This is a lot of trees that are being used towards providing you and your company with unnecessary and wasted paper. Think about how much you are spending on paper per year, then think about how much time you are spending to file, find, search and document each and every single piece of paper. This is where time, energy and paper is wasted while increasing the amount of garbage that your company produces each year.

A sustainable online punch clock will reduce the amount of headaches that comes with handwritten timecards. Here is a brief list of benefits that switching to an environmental friendly time clock offers.

  • Reduces cost of office supplies
  • Cuts back on company waste and trash
  • Feel good knowing you are contributing to helping the environment
  • Saves employers, companies and employees time
  • Eliminate punch rounding
  • Decrease payroll errors
  • 100% accurate time sheets
  • Access employee hours anytime and anywhere
  • Quick scheduling

How an online time clock works

After you create your 30 day free trial and add your employees into the system, employees will be able to punch in and out by the use of a computer, mobile phone, and tablet. The exact time they punch in and out is then recorded for that specific individual and saved into a cloud based system where the employer has 24/7 access to the online company’s account. You can see where he/she clocked in/out, use geo fencing, export timecards to payroll, create employee scheduling, eliminate punch rounding and handwritten hours, gain a piece of mind and ultimately improve your bottom line. You will no longer need to use papers in order to calculate time ever again, and the environment thanks you for that!

Decrease payroll errors

Every company has a payroll budget, right? With that being said, it is important to explore options that can reduce any payroll errors that could arise. Accurate time tracking is a major factor when it comes to payroll mistakes. Business owners want to make sure that their employees are being paid accordingly and accurately. They also want to make sure they are not paying employees more than they should and that time theft is being prevented. A web-based punch clock was designed to aid in payroll ease while providing accurate employee time sheets.

Go green and improve your company’s image

With so much scrutiny via social media, news, word of mouth and much more, it is important for your company to have a positive image to show your customers and peers that your care globally. The environment has offered us so much as a society and it is important to give back, and go green when the opportunity arises. Technology has given us a lot to choose from when it comes to sustainable options and we should take advantage of it. Here is a short list of some products, services and industries that offer some sustainable options.

  • Automobiles
  • Agriculture
  • Energy distribution
  • Mobile banking
  • Automatic payroll deposit
  • Software as a service

This is obviously just a few examples of industries and services that have gone green, but it gives an idea on things that are easily overlooked. Forbes has come out with their latest top 100 sustainable companies for 2017. We encourage you to further research these companies to see how you may be able to adopt some of their sustainable practices.


The conclusion to going green with a modern time clock

Sometimes making a change to a more sustainable company can be challenging and difficult, but signing up for a time clock software that you do not have to download onto your computer is extremely easy and simple. OnTheClock is designed to help small businesses to provide more efficiency while accurately tracking employee hours. And you are helping the environment at the same time! Our reviews will allow you to see how our time management service has helped improve so many companies in numerous ways. Some of these improvements include improved scheduling, knowing who is punched in and out, easy hours tracking, reduced payroll expenses, prevention of buddy punching, stopped time theft, great customer service and much more. Give On The Clock a chance and lets join together in the world of going green.

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