How To Track Employee Hours And Time

So you have a successful business with a few or maybe dozens of employees working with you.  Most likely you trust most if not all of your employees.  The most common thoughts about tracking your employees time brings up these negative things...

  • Tracking my employee hours is going to be TIME consuming for ME
  • I'm WORRIED that they will think I don’t TRUST them
  • Getting my EMPLOYEES to punch in and out is going to be DIFFICULT

Please take a moment and push those fearful thoughts aside.  As a business leader, we should never make decisions based on fear(emotions) but on facts.  Next, we examine the facts about time tracking.

 Employee Time Tracking And Punch Clock

Benefits For Employers

One of the biggest advantages of using a punch clock is eliminating time theft.  If you are paying someone to be there working and they are not there, it is simply theft.  Time theft most likely occurs in over extended breaks or buddy punching.  Another benefit of tracking time is protection from employees filing a claim or lawsuit against you.  A disgruntled employee may claim that for months or years they were not paid for the time they worked.  They may even have been tracking their own time and hours, while you were not.  This may result in employee paybacks and huge legal fees.

Benefits For Employees

Your employees will have clear expectations on when the workday starts and ends.  A time clock gives your employees documented proof of the hours they worked, this can be very reassuring that they will not be taken advantage of.

Will You Start Tracking Employee Hours?

Has this convinced you that now is a good time to start tracking your employees hours?  If so, I have 3 options for you.

Option 1 - Buy a wall mount time clock and some paper time cards

You can buy a punch clock to track your employee time online or at your local office store.  Expect to pay around $200 for a quality time clock that will work every day and last for a decade.  You will need some time cards, they are about $25 per 500 weekly cards.  You will be required to manually total each punch card, this will take a bit of your time.  Any PTO or schedule functions will have to be handled outside of the time clock.  Setup time is about 2 hours, including employee training.

Option 2 - Buy PC or Server Based time clock software

You can purchase software to handle your time keeping needs, pricing for a quality software varies from $500 to $5000 depending on the features you require.  The software is installed on a server (or possibly a PC) your employees can punch in and out from their desktop computers or a central punch computer.  You will be responsible for keeping the server and software updated, patched and backed up for disaster recovery.  Punch clock software will automatically calculate employee hours and give nice reports for payroll.  Depending on features, PTO and scheduling may or may not be included.  It takes about 6 hours to setup and configure an installed time clock software and train employees, you may need an IT person to help

Option 3 - Opt for an online (web based) time tracking clock

Online time tracking systems cost from $2.00 to $6.00 per employee per month.  Being cloud based, there is no software to install or keep updated.  Updates and backups occur automatically behind the scenes.  Employees can punch in and out from computers, wall mounted tablets or their phones (most have location controls). Time cards are automatically calculated, no need for manual calculations.  Time cards can also be easily sent off to payroll.  Features like PTO, Scheduling, Messaging and Automation are usually present.  There is no installation time, setup takes about 30 seconds per employee, employees are sent invites via email or text message.  To find a web based employee time clock app, search the web for ‘Online Punch Clock’ or ‘Time Clock App’, OR give OnTheClock a try - Click the Sign Up Rocket Ship Above!




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