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How to Create an Online Time Clock Account with OnTheClock

Who says setting up online accounts has to be complex? Here at OnTheClock we think it should be quick and easy for the user. We also believe that your information is important and should never be shared with anyone else. OnTheClock does not sell or solicit your information like some companies do. In this blog we will explain how to create an online time clock account, how it works and the perks of having one.

Creating an online time clock account

When you visit you will have the opportunity to explore our website, read customer reviews and click on our different tab options. Some of the tabs you can check out include the features tab that will detail what our service has to offer, the pricing tab that we implemented a sliding bar  so you can have an actual visual on what you would pay per month and the how it works tab. This tab will allow you to gain a better understanding by describing how to use OnTheClock to its entirety.

After you have navigated your way through the website and you see how an online time clock could benefit your company, you would then click the Try Free button. You will notice that we offer a 30 day free trial for new accounts. OnTheClock offers a free trial, because we do not believe it is fair for you to pay for a service that you are not sure if you will utilize.

Once you are on the create an account page, simply fill out the name, phone number, email and promo fields. Finally, click the start my free trial button and you have officially created an online time clock account with OnTheClock.

Customize your online time clock account

So, you now have your online time clock account setup and it is ready to be customized to fit your preferences. The next page is where you can customize your password, choose your timezone and enter your employees. The employees that you have entered will be notified about their OnTheClock accounts via email and text message. You do have the option to only choose one of the notification invites if you would prefer to do so. We recommend sending both just to be safe and ensure that your employees received it so they can start to get familiar with the new and improved way that they will be punching in and out.

Online employee punching

Employee punching is designed to be extremely simple for our users. We understand that time is valuable and your employees need to get to work as soon as possible. The employee has a few options to choose from when it comes to them punching in or punching out. They can download our mobile app to his or her mobile device and put in their username and password. They also have the option to visit and from here they can punch in at the beginning of a shift and punch out at the end of a shift. Employees can also clock in and out multiple times through the day for lunches and breaks with no limited punches. 

Approve and adjust online time cards

The weekend is finally approaching and your work week is coming to an end. As the boss, you are able to log in to your account and see all of your employee time cards. Keep in mind that your employee time cards have all been saved in our web based time clock system so you do not have to worry about adding hours up, because OnTheClock automatically calculates them for you. The boss is able to see the total hours, specific clock in and clock out times, and the boss has the ability to make adjustments if needed. What is really nice about this feature is the boss can view and adjust from one screen without bouncing around between numerous pages.

Our online time cards are also available to print, upload to excel, download and save as a PDF or you can email them if necessary. This allows you and the employees to have hard-copies for your personal records.

Sending time cards to payroll

After you have approved the time cards and hours, you are then able to send this accurately collected  information to payroll. What’s that you ask, you use QuickBooks for your payroll? No worries at all, because our online time clock syncs with QuickBooks and gives you a stress-free time card to payroll transition. OnTheClock is  featured in an article created by that lists us as one of the great time tracking apps that works with QuickBooks. We highly encourage you to take the time and read this article; you can do so by clicking here.

By now you probably have a full understanding on how to create an online time clock account with OnTheClock, but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us or watch our video on how to create an online time clock account when using OnTheClock. Also, be sure to follow us on social media for free giveaways and updates. 



a thought From Rhoda Malou on 6/4/2019 ...
Hi I’m new here and I found your website pretty helpful
reply from OTC - Hi Rhonda, thank you for the compliment. If you are looking to track hours worked, whether yours or an employees, then please try out our time clock for free :)

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