How to Hire the Right Employee for Your Business

employee hiring for your business

When advertising that your company is hiring a new employee for your small business you may have a lot of questions or concerns. Will my next employee punch the clock on time? How to hire the right person for the job? Will the this person like working in our environment? These are just a few questions that you may ask yourself, but the reality is that it’s completely normal to have questions and concerns. Employees play a huge role in how a small business operates and functions so you want the best for your company.

Let people know your business is hiring

With the help of technology, it has allowed many businesses to inform others when they are hiring. Social media,, or simply posting a blip on your website is just a few quick ways to get the word out. When you increase the amount of candidates reached you will also increase the percentage of finding the right person to contribute to your team.

In the process of letting the public know your company is hiring, it is important to be descriptive about the position you are hiring for. Be creative if you have to so the applicant truly understands what he or she is applying for. Also, it is important to list the business hours you are expecting the new employee to work. They will need to know how to schedule their time in order to prepare for their workweek. Employee hours worked is very important to track and everyone should be on the same page so you have accurate time cards and eliminate misunderstandings.

Clearly understand if the applicant is passionate or not about the open position

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but this is what helps each individual improve their working skills. When someone is passionate about their job then their weaknesses will eventually turn into strengths.

A quote by Marc Anthony states “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Use your professional experience to figure out if someone is truly in love with their line of work. This can allow small business owners to onboard happy employees and increase work productivity. According to 5 Dynamics, happy employees can increase productivity up to 20 percent compared to unhappy employees. Happy employees can also increase your retention rate due to employees enjoying their jobs and environments. This is great for any business size because it allows a strong bond between the employer and employee. In return, companies have more trust in their employees. It’s a win-win situation!

Offer a competitive salary package

Let's face it, employees may love their job, but they are not coming to work for free. With this being said, offer a competitive salary that is enticing to applicants in order to help add them to your team. This can also piggyback off of the happy employees topic that was briefly touched on above. Health benefits, paid time off and 401K options are also something to consider when putting together a competitive salary package.

Competitive salaries also makes the employee feel appreciated. It is recommended to do some research about the position(s) you are looking to fill. Below is a quick checklist that could come in hand when you are putting together your proposal for a qualified candidate.

  • What is the average salary for this position?
  • Does the median salary fit specific education and/or certificates?
  • How many years of experience does the potential new employee have in the industry?
  • What is in the company’s budget for employee payroll?
  • Listen to your instincts.

Take the potential employee for a tour of the building

It is important to be transparent as possible about yourself, the company and what the new employee should expect. A large part of this has to do with the type of working environment that he or she will be performing their tasks in. Working conditions play a major factor with company production, happiness, customer and employee rapport, and it prevents the new person from going into their new job blinded. Keep in mind, you aren’t just interviewing them, they are also interviewing you and the company to see if it is the right fit. It is also a good idea to eplain how management and leadership skills are performed.

5 quick recaps on hiring the right person

So just to recap on our main focus points we will quickly overview them. Here at OnTheClock we understand how important time tracking is so we will keep this short and sweet.

  • Post your open job positions on anything and everything possible to increase your chances of landing the right candidate. Also remember to be detailed on what the job requirements are and what the job itself entails.  
  • Gain an understanding if the person being interviewed is passionate and truly enjoys their job.
  • Do your homework and research the going salary packages so you know what to offer and make sure it fits within your company’s budget.
  • Keep in mind that happy employees are likely to be more productive.
  • Be honest and upfront with them on what to expect. Taking a person for a tour of the building can really help both parties know if it will be the right environment or not.

We wish you the best of luck with your hiring process and if you find any of our advice helpful then please comment below with your personal experiences when it comes to hiring the right person for your small business.

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