How to Reduce Employee Tardiness?

You arrive to work at 7:50 in the morning, you fire up your computer and grab a cup of coffee. Although your shift does not start until ten minutes later, you are being proactive and arriving early so you are on time. Eventually, fifteen minutes after eight o’clock rolls around and you notice a few of your employees coming in late. This may not be a big deal if it happens once in awhile, but you see a pattern repeating itself on a consistent basis.

You may start to ask yourself how you can reduce employee tardiness? In this article we will go over a few helpful tips that could help you solve this issue that many employers face every day.

Communicate with your employees

We are strong believers that proper communication is extremely important in the workplace. Employees, managers, supervisors, and business owners need to all be on the same page and understand what the standards are in order to operate successfully.

Timely communication between everyone within the organization will help reduce the chances of  misunderstandings. All employees must be fully aware what the company’s expectations are regarding tardiness and employee attendance. Letting an employee know how valuable their time is to the company can help them feel like they are valued and appreciated. In return, he or she may be less likely to be tardy or have poor attendance.

Start tracking employee time and attendance

Many small businesses do not have a good time tracking system in place. This can cause inaccurate time cards, buddy punching, employees coming and going as they please, tardiness and many more problems. Technology has allowed us to create a modern time clock to track employee’s time more efficiently.

With the use of a web-based time clock, the businesses owner is able to physically see the times that an individual has punched in and out. This software as a service provides a wealth of information, especially when clock in times can be brought up on a computer or mobile device in a matter of seconds. Each employee has their own individual time card that can be accessed by the employer from anywhere in the world from a device that has an internet or data connection.

Go over how to use an online time clock with your employees

After you have signed up with a time clock service, it is important that you go over how to use it with your employees. OnTheClock has developed instructional videos for employers and employees so they can see exactly how to use this simple time clock app. OnTheClock also offers a demo request for businesses owners, administrators and managers. This request will allow you to schedule a date and time to speak with a customer representative while they visually show you how to use the product on your computer screen.

We recommend letting your employees know that you are not trying to be intrusive or micromanage. Explain to them how the new time recording and attendance tracking system is going to help them as well. It will provide them with one hundred percent accurate time cards that can be exported via PDF or Excel, allows the employees to see the exact time he or she punches in/out, and it also helps the company as a whole to prevent tardiness. If you are unsure if this is something that would fit your work environment then give it a shot for free! OnTheClock offers a 30 day free trial for businesses owners like yourself to try out. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with reducing employee tardiness.

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