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With the news of Intuit discontinuing their online time tracking services on October 31, 2019, many of their users will be looking for an alternative time tracking service similar to Intuit payroll time tracking. 

Intuit is set to replace their employee time tracking services with Quickbooks Time, formerly TSheets by QuickBooks. This will include major changes for how the user continues to track employee hours worked and payroll. Additionally, users who are switching to Quickbooks Time will notice large price increases and OnTheClock has been hearing a lot of feedback from their users regarding this issue. 

Why Intuit Is Discontinuing Time Tracking

Intuit developed its own time tracking system, which was reported to be good but lacked the features required by modern businesses. Quickbooks Time (TSheets) had been a long-time Quickbooks star, with 35,000 customers and 500,000 employees. After many years of deep integration, Intuit acquired Quickbooks Time (TSheets) for 340 Million in 2018, according to TechCrunch. The deep integration seemed to make Quickbooks Time (TSheets) a natural fit to replace Intuit’s lack-luster time tracking system.

What Is The Difference Between Intuit Time Tracking and Quickbooks Time?

Intuit Online Time Tracking was a monthly service that corresponded well with their Online Payroll service. Users would pay a monthly fee of $3 per user. For example, if your small business has 10 employees, then you would be responsible for $30 per month for all ten employees. 

Unfortunately, these prices will increase drastically when using QuickBooks Time. For a small business owner to use Quickbooks Time as their new employee time tracking system, they will be looking to pay $8 per user each month, plus a $20 monthly base fee, according to their website. 

Referencing above to a small business with 10 employees, pricing for QuickBooks Time will increase the price from $30 per month to $100 per month. This $70 difference for a ten-employee company can significantly harm their bottom line if it is not within their budget. 

Price comparison visual between Intuit Time Tracking and QuickBooks Time:

Intuit Time Tracking
Pricing for
10 employees


Quickbooks Time
Pricing for
10 employees


Including $20 Base Fee

A Cost-Effective Way to Tracking Employee Time and Attendance More Efficiently 

OnTheClock is a web-based employee time clock software that specializes in tracking employee hours worked for processing payroll. The freshly updated user experience has helped thousands of businesses worldwide to generate accurate time cards, decrease payroll expenses immensely and improve employee attendance.

With the latest technology in time clock features, employers can accurately track regular, overtime, and PTO hours. Administrators and Managers on the account can also see where an employee has clocked in or out via GPS.

OnTheClock users can conveniently integrate their time clock account with popular payroll providers, including QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. 

Below is a list of some popular features:

  • Who’s In - See in live-time who is at work.
  • Overtime Alerts - Save time and apply it to work that matters most by getting notifications when an employee is approaching overtime.
  • Payroll & Project Reporting - Decrease payroll errors and provide accurate invoicing. Do so by exporting timesheets to your payroll provider. 
  • Paid Time Off Tracking - Employees can request PTO for it to be approved or denied.
  • Mobile & Online - Conveniently log into your account from multiple devices to manage employees, process payroll, approve time cards, and more.
  • Employee Check-In - For employees who do not have to punch in, but management would like to know when they arrive at work.
  • GPS, IP, and Geo-fencing - Choose how you want your employees to clock in and out.
  • Scheduling & Automatic Breaks - Assign working days and have breaks automatically deduct from employees’ timecards.
  • Alerts & Employee Reminders - Get notifications when employees have clocked in/out. Also, have reminders sent to employees to punch in/out.
  • Learn More Here

You will be happy to hear that OnTheClock’s pricing is substantially less when compared to Quickbooks Time (TSheets by QuickBooks)! In fact, many of our reviews mention how our pricing is unbeatable. 

“OnTheClock is easy and simple to use and the customer support is great!! You can’t beat the price!!!.”
-OTC user, Ada

Read Our Reviews

We offer a 30-day free trial for all accounts no matter the size. Accounts are also free for Accountants and businesses with 2 employees or fewer. Using our examples earlier, let's use the price comparison of 10 employees for Intuit Time Tracking, Quickbooks Time (TSheets by QuickBooks), and OnTheClock.

Intuit Time Tracking
Pricing for
10 employees


Quickbooks Time
Pricing for
10 employees


Including $20 Base Fee For Basic Plan
Pricing for
10 employees


No Base Fees - Ever 30-Day Free Trial

What is Included With OnTheClock's Pricing:

  • No base fee - Ever!
  • Free for accounts with 2 employees or less.
  • No contracts - cancel anytime. 
  • Free for Accountants!
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Discounts for Schools, Government organizations, Churches, and Nonprofits.
  • Free mobile app for Android and Apple devices. 
  • Unlimited Admins and Managers free of cost.
  • Customer support contact via phone, live chat, and email.
  • See your OnTheClock price here!

Start Using OnTheClock as Your New Employee Time Clock System

If needed, we offer one-on-one customer support and account setup (not corporate-like). Your next steps will be to explore the options best suited to your time tracking and payroll needs.  Most likely you are looking for a more moderately priced solution, while also keeping things clean and simple.  

If you have not done so, visit our website at ontheclock.com, and please explore all the employee time tracking settings and features we offer to make your payroll convenient and easy. You can also contact us directly by visiting our Contact Us page. 

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a thought From Jeremy Pelaston on 11/4/2019 ...
Intuit killed time tracking, now I have to find an alternative. I found this product, but still not sure. Do you track PTO? how can my employees use the system? Why is Intuit forcing us to us their new time tracking solution, so may questions, so little answers from Intuit. I just want a system that works. So frustrated.
reply from OTC - Hello Jeremy, Thank you for expressing your interest in OnTheClock. Yes, OnTheClock does track PTO. This is actually a very common reason why users use us. Well, that and our affordable pricing. Our system is very efficient in employee time tracking and payroll integration to your payroll provider. Try our 30-day free trial with zero obligations. Please contact our customer support team if you have any questions. Have a great day.
a thought From Jane on 11/4/2019 ...
Currently we use Intuit payroll time tracking for our employee hours. Intuit is now removing the time tracking system for us. They are suggesting we switch to tsheets. Tsheets looks like a nice system, however it is very cost prohibitive. I really can believe that intuit expects is long term customers to pay so much for time tracking. Shame on you Intuit! So now I am looking for alternatives, I have been looking at many solutions, Ontheclock looks pretty nice. I am looking for other users opinions on ontheclock before switching. Can any current users tell me how you like it? What are the upsides and downsides?
reply from OTC - Hello Jane, We want to thank you for your interest in our time clock system. Here is a link below to our reviews section and another link to our Customer Success Stories with multiple review platforms. We hope this will guide you into the direction that you are searching for regarding user's opinions. Also note that we offer a 30-day free trial so you can have an understanding before making a complete change. Please let us know if you have any questions, we would love to help. Customer Success Stories & User Reviews
a thought From TLC Sutter Home on 11/4/2019 ...
Group Home
reply from OTC - Hi TLC Sutter Home! Here is a link to our Homepage. We hope you find this information helpful. Thank you for reaching out and have a wonderful day.

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