Making the Switch to a Web Based Time Clock

Making the switch to a Time Tracking solution that is Web Based can be scary. A lot of questions come to mind, and we have to really research and ask ourselves if this move is best for our company. Our customer support team comes across many different customer concerns, one major question being:


What if your employee forgets to punch in are you able to adjust time records?

This is a great question to start with, you don’t want your employees to lose time for a day they were working , but forgot to punch in and out. It happens, especially when a new system is implemented and your employees aren’t in the habit of logging into a system to punch in and out for the day.

Does your current system allow for this? If you are still using pen and paper, of course they can edit, but that doesn’t mean it is legible and easy to follow. Since everyone has different handwriting, you probably have found yourself on several occasions hunting down an employee to ask, “ what number is this?” So you don’t need to put on your detective hat to decipher on your own. This could be a reason you are on a quest for an upgraded time clock system.


Time card modifications in a web based system

Maybe you already use an online time clock, so you are reading this and thinking this doesn’t apply to you. Let's switch up the scenario, your employee comes in and they use your online time clock system and they forget to punch in for the day. It is payroll time, your heart sinks as you look at the time cards and notice a discrepancy on your employee's time record. You email them and ask them if they worked Monday. They reply, “Of course I did , I was here from 9 to 5”. The frustration builds up as you look all over the system to try and figure out how to add this in, and how to edit a time record. You have read the ‘Help’ section but to no avail, you are confused and customer service hasn’t replied to you. The time is ticking, not just any time but your time, and payroll needs to be submitted before the deadline.

The editing process should be straightforward so why not as simple as a button that says ‘Add a single day’ or Clicking on the time record itself and changing the logged time? We are confident that  you’ll be a time editing hero with OnTheClock.You don’t need to call in for support in order to change the employee's time, it can all be done on your account in a matter of seconds. Here at OnTheClock we strive for our product to be user friendly and intuitive. Editing your time cards should be hassle free and we have a very simple platform that makes this process easy. We won’t complicate adjustments with a million steps that don’t make sense. We also have your back, our support team is extremely responsive, and we have so many options for you to get connected with our team. Whether it is a phone call, email, or even a chat, you can have your questions answered. That is always a relief!


The takeaway for the ability to edit time cards

It is important to be able to edit or fix mistakes. We are human and someone is going to forget to punch in or out for the day.The good news is in an online system; any changes you make can be documented and are also easy to read. No more messy scribbles or trying to figure out what number someone wrote down. This already eliminates some of the headaches that are endured with your old fashioned hand written timecards. It is also important to be able to use the tools in the system you choose with ease, and you are  able to get support when you need it.

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