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On The Clock Boss Week

Have you ever wondered to yourself what it would be like if you were ‘The Boss’ ?

At OnTheclock, we participated in ‘Boss Week’ which was a fun way to act as the boss for a week and put our system to the test. We each needed to set up an account and make decisions on the setup of the account to fit the needs of the business. At the end of the week we turned in the time sheets and the person whose employees were closest to exactly 40 hours in the week, with little adjustments, was the ultimate boss.

Why did OnTheClock do this experiment?

We wanted to utilize OnTheClock for ourselves as a company but we also wanted to gain knowledge on the use of this in the mindset of an employer or employee. So we went for it! 6 weeks rotating out who the boss was and tracking time. Each week everyone received a new username and password to login as the employees from our new boss. When you set up your employee's emails or text messages can be sent out to notify staff of their login credentials.

There were different settings each boss put in place on their accounts. Most of us chose to implement an automated schedule with text reminders to punch in. The idea was to get everyone in the habit of clocking in and out each day, and the reminders were a great way to condition everyone to do so. We mostly chose to use automation, for our lunch breaks, where the system took care of punching you in and out. We do have a setting called Auto deduct that just takes a  specified duration of time after a set amount of hours from the time card. ( I set this up on my account).

Each of us documented our experiences as both the boss and as an employee so we could meet up about it and discuss what we found.

The experience of using a time clock

Alicia and Samantha (myself): We work as a close team with customer support, it was different to actually use OnTheClock from a customer's point of view. At one point we realized that with the setup of our accounts, we took too much time for lunch from employees. Automation was set up, but so was auto deduct! We made a couple jokes about “ adding a note to the accounts for support” or a couple times we would call out to one another for customer support when we had trouble. We suggested an alert to not allow customers to set up more than one break option at a time

Dean: The founder and developer of OnTheClock had a different mindset with his experience. He sent out his texts to us for logins, and set up text alerts to be notified each time an employee punched in and out for the day which was a nice way to know that everyone was at work. He realized that he wanted to be able to communicate more with his employees through OnTheClock.

Mark: Managing Partner and App developer of OnTheClock, utilized the ‘Group settings’ which is a newer feature. He said his set up took a matter of seconds because you just enter settings once and apply it to all employees. He found this setting to be extremely useful, and made us realize we need to make this more noticeable for our customers in their main setup.

Tim: Our Marketing Manager, utilized the OnTheClock app on his phone. He found the setup to be extremely easy, and really enjoyed using the app as an employee to clock in/out and as an administrator just to quickly keep tabs on employees. He was mainly concerned we would forget to punch in - so he had reminders set up for a piece of mind.

Ed: Senior support specialist and billing, setup the account with group settings, an automated lunch break and text reminders. He found it easy to use, and had no issues with employees clocking in, MOST of them (sometimes we forgot). He uses OnTheClock everyday to make sure everything is working correctly and he was a pro with setup.

What we learned about our online time clock system?

We were able to simulate how it would be as a new user setting up an account and managing their staff. After boss week ended we found a few things we thought would be helpful and enhance the system for our customers. We each had a unique experience and were able to bring different ideas on board about its functionality. We hope to bring some new features to OnTheClock in the future based on our findings from using the system.

Aside from the serious stuff, we also learned that we are pretty awesome employees with clocking in and that we all follow directions pretty well. With a competitive edge, it kept us all involved in making sure everyone punched in...we would call out from our offices as reminders in the morning and at the end of the day. We kept the spirits up.

I’m sure you may be wondering, who was the ultimate boss?

Drumroll…..The ultimate boss was Tim.

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