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The definition of Team is a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job or project, according to the Business Dictionary. Here at OnTheClock we work as a Team. Our days are filled with troubleshooting issues together, bouncing ideas of off one another and working together to give our customers the best Service possible.  


We have many lines of communication to our office available for our customers. Depending on their schedule and their availability we offer Live Chat, Support Email Ticketing System, and of course good old direct phone number to our office.  

  •  PHONE CALL- When you call our office there is not a recording or a circle that you have to go through. Samantha, Ed or Alicia picks up the phone with a warm welcome and ready to solve your issue.  The majority of our customers have been shocked that we do answer our own phones. This shows our customers that has real people on staff to answer questions. Our customer’s problems or issues are ours too.
  • LIVE CHAT-Our Live Chat option is very convenient for those business owners that do not have the time to make a phone call.  The benefit of our Live Chat option is the fact that you can carry on with your meeting, phone call or just everyday obstacles all while chatting with one of us. We are quick to respond and are able to provide you with the best solutions to your problems.
  • EMAIL-On our website we offer a Support email link. This link when clicked on directs you to a screen that will ask you your name, email address, phone number, subject, and a detailed description of your problem.  When you submit this form it then goes into a ticketing system that we have called FreshDesk. When a new ticket enters our system then one of our Support Specialists assigns it to them and responds to the ticket.


Dean is the Founder of our company and one of our developers.  In 2003 Dean came up with the concept of  After countless hours designing and building, went online in May of 2004. He adds new features, updates our website and reviews our system to make sure it works properly.  Dean researches new tools that would benefit OnTheClock and works closely with Tim for marketing of our company. In the event that we do need him, Dean handles all of our high level support.

Mark wears many hats in our company. Aside from being a Managing Partner he does our software, web and App Development. He has developed our App that is compatible with IOS and Android devices. Mark also spends time seeking out new partnerships and researching how to connect with other software that will benefit OnTheClock.  Also in the case that he is needed Mark handles overflow Support.

Samantha is our customer success leader and part of our Customer Support team. She reaches out to our customers throughout their trial period to make sure that they are utilizing our system to its fullest. She goes the extra mile to make sure customers are happy and knowledgeable with our system. Samantha also specializes in QuickBooks and how it works with our website.

Alicia (myself) is part of our Customer Support Team. I help New Customers sign up and give them a walk through our website. I work closely with Samantha resolving any issue that comes our way.  Most of my days are spent on LiveChat, FreshDesk and on the phone talking to customers. I also assist Samantha in her Customer Success projects.

Tim aka our Marketing Manager handles all of our Marketing content. He writes most of our blogs, designs and implements email campaigns, and engages with our customers through Social Media. Tim works alongside Dean to contribute content and structure to our website.

Patti used to be part of our Customer Support Team but has now taken on the role as our Supplies Manager/ Office Mom. She used to make our Welcome phone calls and follow up phones calls. Patti now makes sure that we have all of the supplies that we need to get by day to day.

Ed has been with Ontheclock since 2009 and wears multiple hats in our company as well. He handles our company billing, writes blogs, and keeps our Help Manual updated. Ed is our Senior Tech Support Guru, he builds our computers, networks, and is our main IT guy. He also handles overflow support too.

Shannon is our Financial Lady/ Accountant. She takes care of all of our company bills. Shannon makes sure our lights and computers stay on and so that we can have a functional office.


The eight people that I have named above is the Full Staff at OnTheClock.  Each person benefits OnTheClock in their own way. We all have our own “Roles” and each person has their own responsibilities  but in reality we work as a Team.

a thought From Antaun Patterson on 1/29/2020 ...
Yes I was recently employed by Dimarco and Associates, I am no longer with the company and they have completely deleted my Time Clock account which held a log for proof of hours I worked and I no longer have access to. Today is payday and i am supposed to receive direct deposit from Dimarco for the last time. They have not sent me my check through direct deposit and it's really rubbing me the wrong way. Please can somebody here contact me I need help please. 2167133148
reply from OTC - Hello Antaun, thanks for reaching out. It is law that employees must be paid for the time they worked. We would recommend contacting your HR department to inquire about the issue. We hope this information is helpful.

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