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Running For a Cause

Passion is something that can really drive us towards an end goal. When you back something with passion you become unstoppable. Lately, I have been signing up for runs that vary in length, anywhere from a half marathon to a not so daunting 5k. If you didn’t know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles and a 5k is 3.10 miles.

I started running because I wanted a challenging activity that would allow me to step out of my comfort zone. Running does not come easy to me, but that doesn’t stop me from pushing myself because I am passionate about improving. I will talk about it here at OnTheClock with my coworkers and throw out a few jokes about the hard times I have. The last race I ran you could track the bib number and I told my coworkers to not be surprised if I ended up at Mcdonalds.

What does this have to do with OnTheClock and time tracking? This is probably what you are asking yourself right now. I am fortunate to work for an amazing company that is passionate about giving back to its community. I am not just running for myself, but I am running for a cause. OnTheClock has my back when it comes to fundraising for this cause. I am running in an effort to raise money for the Ronald Mcdonald House Detroit. They are an organization that provides housing and food for families that are traveling with ill children to receive medical treatments they need. They believe that in a time when a family member is in need of treatments it is important to not be worried about where you will be staying and where your next meal is coming from. They provide these homes to families at little to no cost.

OnTheClock has set a goal to raise $500.00 for the Ronald Mcdonald House Detroit this year.

Check out our page here to donate:

Hopefully passion leads you to success and you find yourself accomplishing your end goal!

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