Should You Use a Time Clock With Facial Recognition

Technology is all around us; we can see it, we can feel it and at times we can smell it. But why should we make it more complicated than it should be? The answer is that we absolutely should not make technology more complicated than what it is supposed to be. Don’t get me wrong, technology has evolved to really help our society succeed on many levels and this includes small business. Let's take a look at why time clock facial recognition is unnecessary when it comes to your time clock system.

A quality time clock doesn’t require it

If you have a quality time clock with updated features in the latest online time clock technology then you have zero reasoning for the need of facial recognition for your employees to punch in and out. This just adds additional time for an employee to get started on their daily work tasks when they could simply clock in by a click of a button.

A quality time clock will already offer you an array of features that will prevent buddy punching, improves time card accuracy, eliminates time theft and is cost efficient. A time clock calculator should not break the bank or have a big impact on your company’s revenue. Expect to pay extra when using a time tracking system with face recognition.

Here are some features that your company will benefit from when it comes to punching in and out by using a time clock that does not involve wasting time by taking a selfie of yourself in order to use it:

  • Geofencing and GPS - this allows you to set a perimeter or invisible fenced in area where employees will have to be inside of in order to clock in and out. This is a specified location that the admin will set. This is very beneficial for remote employees and those who work directly on the jobsite.
  • Fingerprint (Biometric) - a very cost efficient way to take employee punching security to another level if needed by a simple thumb print reader.
  • Mobile punching app - a modern time clock feature that is extremely convenient for users to clock in and out via phone or tablet. This saves precious time for companies to reduce paying employees for hours not worked.
  • IP Address lockdown - use a specific internet IP Address that users must be connected to in order to use. This discourages employees from leaving early.
  • Employee Groups - This feature allows administrators to setup and maintain default settings for employees. Once set up, a group can be assigned to one or more employees. It is recommended to use group settings if your employees will generally have the same settings.

Although these punch features are quick and easy, do not overlook many other features that are available such as:

  • 100% cloud-based
  • Free downloadable phone app
  • Robust PTO tracking
  • Employee shift scheduling
  • Option to add time clock directly to your website
  • Easy time card adjustments
  • Automation, paid breaks and reminders
  • Tips, bonuses and commissions
  • Payroll integration

Yes, you get all this PLUS MORE without the use of an expensive face recognition system.

A time clock app doesn’t have to be complicated

You have already introduced a new way for your employees to have accurate time cards by the use of a modern time clock. With that being said, then why would you want to complicate the process for them to use it? This does not make sense. An easy and simple process can help your employees to actually enjoy using your new system. Holding out their phone in front of them to take a picture or standing in front of a camera on a computer while others are staring at them can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and simply weird. The ability for employees to clock in and out without announcing it to their fellow co-workers is also a privacy that employees enjoy.

Just another feature that can cause technical issues

We have all been there before, you download a cool new app with a bunch of bells and whistles only to discover that it causes your mobile device to run slower. This is the same when it comes to downloading or adding certain programs and softwares onto your computer or laptop. Also, you may have discovered issues with many of these “cool features”. IT problems can cost small businesses a lot of money and lost production.

The bottom line

Your company needs to track employee hours worked. The best way to do this accurately without any headaches would be to stick with an online time clock system that serves as a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means no messy software that needs to be installed on your computers and you do not have to worry about long updates that take a lot of your time. It is also recommended to implement a time tracking system that is simple and easy for you and your company to use. The bottom line is many companies pay way too much for products and services just because they have a “cool feature” like facial recognition when you can pay a fraction of the price for something that is a lot simpler, reliable, accurate and safe. Now that is what I call cool!


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