Simplifying Time and Attendance with is designed with busy HR and payroll managers in mind. This means that our timekeeping solution is simple to set up, simple to manage and simple to maintain on a daily basis. 

Our time clock software system offers a variety of advanced timekeeping features that can be set up so that most of these features are behind the scenes. This allows you to focus on simply collecting time, editing cards, running reports and doing your payroll.

Three Reasons to Simplify Your Time and Attendance Process with

  1. Functionality

Our timekeeping solution is one that is practical for your business. It provides simple setup and a user-friendly approach for tracking employee punches, editing time cards and generating reports for payroll processing.

  1. Convenience can considerably reduce the payroll management work involved in collecting and calculating employee hours.

Using our system you can eliminate:

Benefits of using our system are:

  • Business friendly features.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No Software to install.
  • Mobile Apps.
  • Job Costing.
  • Ability to access your Time Cards wherever you may be.
  • Easy to correct errors in the time cards.
  • Eliminating storage of paper time sheets which deteriorate over time.
  • Security features to limit where an employee can clock in.
  • Time cards reports can be printed to PDF or export to Excel CSV file.
  • Direct export to QuickBooks Online Plus accounts.
  • Our Desktop QuickBooks Importer will import the Excel CSV file into your Desktop QuickBooks.
  • Knowledgeable support staff to answer questions.
  • And many more…..  
  1. Savings

The time clock system can provide huge savings for employers.  Not only does it provide great convenience for HR staff members, supervisors, and business owners, but it also dramatically reduces labor costs, including the following:

  • Eliminate wasted labor minutes from employee time theft and approximations of time cards (Overstating the hours they worked).
  • Eliminate time spent by payroll personnel in collecting and calculating time card data.
  • Minimize expenses associated with human error in processing timekeeping data.
  • Increased productivity and accountability for time worked by employees.
  • Accurate time card totals thereby not overpaying or underpaying an employee.



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