Software Tools as a Solution for Company Optimization

One of the primary goals for a business is to optimize their company in the best way possible. Many business owners and managers seem to be constantly brainstorming different solutions to improve operations. These ideas can range from an employee monitoring system, phone apps, time clock softwares or an on-demand staffing company like, Wonolo. Whatever it may be, there are software tools that can virtually meet and fulfil just about any need that your company desires in order to succeed.

Types of softwares tools used to optimize a company

As mentioned above, there are many different software tools that can enhance a company. For example, take a look at a software tool named, Wonolo. According to an article recently written by them, Wonolo is defined as “A fast, flexible workforce optimization tool that fills on-demand staffing needs within minutes. With thousands of pre-screened gig economy workers, Wonolo is a leading, trusted, on-demand staffing platform that connects businesses with immediate hourly or daily workers who are ready to hit the ground running. Wonolo also is available  for iOS and Android devices. Please click here for more information regarding this article.


They describe some of their key features as:

  • Community of talented workers with an average rating of 4.9/5
  • Thousands of pre-screened workers ready to accept a job within minutes, rather than days or weeks
  • Post jobs in seconds on the on-demand staffing platform
  • Average fill rate of 90%, compared to 34% for most temporary and contract staffing companies
  • Built-in legal and HR compliance measures
  • Average time-to-fill is 4 minutes
  • No upfront costs; pay only when a job is successfully completed

Although this article by Wonolo lists numerous other software tools that can help optimize the workforce, we will use one more example of the software tools they listed named, OnTheClock. This is a fully-featured modern day web-based time clock system. This software as a service is safe, secure and reliable for users all over the world. OnTheClock is a software tool that is the solution to many time tracking issues that small business owners and managers have on a daily basis.


With the addition of tracking your employees’ clock in and out times, On The Clock also integrates with QuickBooks to make your payroll process a smooth transition.

Other key features that this employee monitoring system offers includes:

  • Apple and Android apps for employees to clock in and out
  • Employee GPS Tracking  
  • Device, IP & Geo-Fencing
  • Biometric/Fingerprint
  • PTO Accrual- vacation, holiday, sick & personal
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Job Costing
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & Semi-Monthly Pay Periods
  • Export Data to Excel Files or PDF
  • Automatic Overtime Calculation & Break Deduction

You would probably think this software tool is expensive due to how much it can benefit you, but OnTheClock is actually very affordable. As you will see below, the pricing is very affordable and the investment is worth it. For more information, please visit to start your 30 free trial and check out their pricing tool.

  • 1-2 Employees: FREE
  • 3-10 Employees: $2.50/employee/month
  • 11-25 Employees: $2.45/employee/month
  • 26-50 Employees: $2.40/employee/month
  • 51-100 Employees: $2.35/employee/month
  • 101-200 Employees: $2.30/employee/month
  • 201-300 Employees: $2.25/employee/month
  • 301-400 Employees: $2.20/employee/month
  • 401+ Employees: Contact for a quote

Benefits of using software tools

There are many benefits when using software tools to optimize your business. Some of these benefits include:

  • Saving company time
  • Cutting unnecessary costs
  • Add convenience
  • Improves accuracy
  • Helps keep companies within their budgets
  • Increase in productivity
  • Saves the company money

As you can see from some of the benefits listed above, businesses and companies all over the world can increase profit margins, produce a better product/service and improve production when using software tools as a solution in the workplace.


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