Spring Forward with OnTheClock


Daylight Savings

Many of us have ‘sprung forward’ and set our clocks ahead an hour, In fact most of us will not put any thought into this transition. We are just used to this and consider ourselves well on our way to summer.


If you are set up with OnTheClock Time Tracking system and recognize the time changes we have you covered.


What about those who do not take part in Daylight Savings?


No Worries, we have you covered also! There is nothing worse than reviewing an employee’s time card and noticing that their time is WRONG. This is a simple employee set up in our system, and once it is in place – you won’t need to worry about daylight savings anymore.


The Set up

1.)    How it works? Login to your account as the Administrator or Manager

2.)    Hover over the employee icon > Select an employee out of the list

3.)    Under the second Heading ‘Additional Options’  

4.)    Go to ‘Auto Adjust for Daylight Savings’

5.)    Uncheck the box

6.)    Remember to press ‘Save’




Have more questions?


If you need additional help or have any questions on setting this up, you can reach out to our support team. Call us at 888-753-5999, LiveChat us, or even email us at support@ontheclock.com.


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