The Last Person in the Time Clock Line

Okay, so your business may not actually have 25 employees, but if you are using a traditional time clock then chances are you’re still experiencing traffic jams when it comes to employees punching in and out.

The last man standing in the punch clock line

The “25th” man is who we refer to as being the last individual in the long and anxious time clock line. This individual is usually the last one to start their daily tasks and the last one to punch out. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your employees could punch in and punch out at the same time and get to work as soon as possible? We have great news! This is possible with our modern time clock system. No matter how many employees you have, OnTheClock will make sure they will be able to punch in and out quickly, conveniently and accurately. 

Productivity equals profit

With an employee having the resources to control when they are on the clock in an easier and faster manner, it can allow more productivity and better workflow. Also, think of the amount of time that the “25th” man is racking up by waiting at the end of that long line just to clock out; this could be affecting your bottom line and you may not know it. Time cards are supposed to reflect the amount of time that a person has worked, not the amount of time it takes for them to stand around. 

A modern time clock system will eliminate that “25th” man… well not literally, you still need them, but only when it comes to the long line at the punch clock.


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