OnTheClock Is Getting A New Look

Over the years we have added many useful features to OnTheClock, now we are improving the look and feel. These changes are similar to a time when you may have updated the look of your home! You may add some fresh paint, new door handles, swap out some decor, change your carpet to hardwood flooring, etc. But at the end of the day it is still the same home, but much better looking of course. This is basically what we have done with our our time clock system - it received a makeover (minus the TV reality show aspect of it). Although it would be cool to have our own TV show, but we will save that conversation for another time. 

Here are a few important things to know:

  • Dont worry, all buttons and features are basically in the same place
  • Functionality will simply look and operate better
  • Easy is still our main goal
  • The new look should go live in the next 2 weeks (By mid July 2019)
  • Please give us your feedback!

Here are a few screenshots...

The TimeCards Page

timecard page



Who's In

 Know who is clocked in and out



Employee Profile

Employee time clock profile display



a thought From Millard Souers on 7/3/2019 ...
Great updates - long overdue. Well done!
reply from OTC - Thank you for the kind words regarding our time clock!
a thought From Kousay on 7/3/2019 ...
Would you please remove the IP address from the time card report? I want to share this report with my employee, but for security reasons, I can't do that. Thanks
reply from OTC - Hello Kousay, We will not show the IP address if you do not check the box for Show punches. But if you are getting a detailed report that shows each employees punch in and out for the day, we currently cannot hide the IP address at this time. We hope this information is helpful. Have a great day, OTC Team
a thought From Susan D Green on 6/28/2019 ...
I love your app/website. the app needs to have the who's clocked in because we work at different locations. I don't mind the changes as long as it's the same items.
reply from OTC - Hi Susan, thank you for the kind words. We are constantly working on ways to improve our time clock app to make it user-friendly. We appreciate your feedback :) Have an awesome day!
a thought From Gary Johnson, MD on 6/28/2019 ...
New stuff means learning new stuff. it can be challenging and irritating when everybody is doing it. So could be good and could be irritating for awhile.
reply from OTC - Hi Gary, please know that it's always to improve the user's experience whenever we decide to make changes to our time clock system. Usually these changes are due to requests from our users, along with other factors such as improving features and functionality. If you ever need assistance, please to not hesitate to reach out to us :) Have a great day! -OTC Team
a thought From Karen on 6/28/2019 ...
I like the screen shots - the employee screen looks good. Still need the view schedule to be locked down so only the employee can only read their individual schedule and not view all employees schedule
reply from OTC - Hi Karen, Thank you so much for the feedback and kind words. We make every effort to accommodate all of our user's needs. Hopefully we can your scheduling request accomplished in the near future :) Thanks again for being a loyal user of OnTheClock.
a thought From Mickey Hale on 6/28/2019 ...
Still would love to have "whos in" on the mobile app.
reply from OTC - Hi Mickey, thanks for reaching out. This is a feature we are looking into adding in the near future. We appreciate your feedback regarding our time clock app.
a thought From Richard Lewis on 6/28/2019 ...
I like the Map a lot. Since we are in recruiting and run some contract personnel, having the punch map is a big benefit. We use it much more than I thought we would. From the thumbnail, profiles look much better. I will be curious to try it all out.
reply from OTC - Hello Richard! Thank you for the kind words regarding our employee time clock GPS tracking feature. This feature helps keep employees honest and gives the "boss" a peace of mind knowing who and where employees are punching in and out from. Have a great day!
a thought From kellie on 6/28/2019 ...
STOP changing stuff. Why change something that is working? Every time u change stuff it cost us money. Because of glitches/ retraining ect! Please stop!
reply from OTC - Hello Kellie, we are sorry to hear about your misfortunes when we update and make changes to our time clock system. Please know that our changes are always meant to improve the user's experience and the small businesses who use our time clock. If you ever have issues with our updates, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we mean it. We will be more than happy to assist and troubleshoot any issues you may experience. Thank you for your feedback and we wish you a great and healthy day.
a thought From Ron Jones on 6/28/2019 ...
You need to fix the mobil app that is the one with issues
reply from OTC - Hi Ron, we have recently released an updated version of our mobile time clock app. We will also be releasing another update for the mobile app very soon. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way possible.
a thought From Sherri Stockdale on 6/28/2019 ...
Excited to see the new look.
reply from OTC - Thank you, Sherri!
a thought From Angela on 6/27/2019 ...
Thank you for this amazing tool that helps me run my small medical practice with one less thing to stress about. I love your easy to use time clock and connectivity to my payroll company. I have saved so much time because of you!!!
reply from OTC - Hello Angela, we sincerely appreciate your feedback! This means so much to OnTheClock. It is always great to hear how much our employee time clock is helping small businesses. Have a great day.
a thought From Kevin Stansbury on 6/27/2019 ...
I would like to see more automated ways for our employees to login. Fingerprints or badges but via Apple devices.
reply from OTC - Thank you for your great feedback, Kevin. We are contently striving to make improvements to our time clock. Have a great day!
a thought From Kevin on 6/27/2019 ...
On punch in/out. You should give the option to upload an image!!!!!
reply from OTC - Hello Kevin! Could you be more specific please? An image of where an employee is located? An image of the actual employee? Just let us know :)

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