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Have you ever started surfing YouTube and then realized that you have been watching random videos for an hour? I catch myself doing this all the time. I will start with a simple random video that I clicked on from facebook and then catch myself twenty minutes later watching a video on how to cook something or fix something. YouTube has come a long way since it began in February of 2005. You can find a variety of how to videos that will assist in many projects around the house. I learned how to edge my lawn, fix my sink and clean my keurig all in one day. My most recent obsession is the make up tutorials. I love how they break everything down step by step so that you can learn as you go.

Using YouTube for a small business

Here at OnTheClock we have started utilizing YouTube for the simple purpose of teaching our customers how to complete simple tasks for those visual learners. I am in the process of revamping our How To Videos on our Youtube page. These videos get straight to the point and show you exactly how to complete a task in less than two minutes. I am super excited to be making these short clips in order to help our customers actually see how easy it is to delete an employee or change their billing information without having to call in to our customer support.

How videos can help educate your customers

My job as a customer service representative is to show our customers the proper way to use our time clock system and to introduce you to the hacks that we have found ourselves. So now, instead of scheduling time to speak to us here at On The Clock, you can visit our Youtube channel and watch our videos to learn how to setup an account, edit employee time cards, manage paid time off and much more. I am a visual learner myself so I personally think these videos can teach you a lot. We have found it to be  important that we have implemented a link onto our website so our customers can get a better idea of how our employee time clock system is truly user friendly.

OnTheClock is always open to feedback

If you are new customer or user of ours, please check out our channel and please let us know how you think we could improve the instructional video. If you would like to see how something is done or an easier way of doing something then please contact us and I can always work on a video for you. There is nothing worse than being stumped on how to complete a task and then finding out how easy it was. In a way, YouTube is similar to an online time clock system; they both save time while providing accurate information. 

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