Time to Improve Employee Management

Being a business owner or manager has a lot of responsibilities that come with these job titles. Your time is valuable and in most cases it is hard to accomplish everything that you have planned for the day. Improving employee management by the use of an online time clock system could be the answer you have been looking for when it comes to putting your time into other aspects of the business. In this blog we will discuss why it is time to improve employee management and the benefits that it can bring to your company.

What is employee management

Employee management can be described in a variety of ways. A simple way to look at it is a method or system that a company has implemented that allows them to understand what their employees are doing and at what time they are doing them. But when you think about it, do you really know if your employee management style is working or not?

For example, you may not have knowledge on what time your employees are punching in or punching out. Maybe you do not have a clue about how long they are taking their breaks or what time they are going on break. In addition, do you really know the exact hours that your employees are working every week? For all you know your employee management system is broken and inefficient, which could be impacting your company’s potential for further success.

How to improve employee management

There are many ways to improving employee management in the workplace, but like most business owners or managers you want a service that has the best value. Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars to hire processing engineers to come in and design a process that may or may not work, but have you thought about an online time clock app? This software as a service offers the latest technology in employee management when it comes to employee time tracking.

OnTheClock.com offers a service that has many features and options that will benefit your company when it comes to these issues. You will know who’s on the clock, what time they clock in or clock out and obtain the gps location on where they punched in and out from. This will help avoid dishonest employees and gives you complete accuracy on managing your employee’s hours. The best part about this modern time clock is that it only costs as low as $2.20 per employee per month! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself by clicking pricing.

OnTheClock has designed a pricing tool that makes it easy for you to see how much you will be paying per month to keep your employee management system running smooth and efficiently. If you are still unsure if an employee tracking system is for you then you have nothing to worry about, because OnTheClock also offers a 30 day free trial with absolutely no commitment. You can see this great offer by visiting ontheclock.com.

How does employee time tracking improve employee management

At this point in the blog you are probably intrigued about a cost efficient service that can improve your company’s employee management process, but we will explain why employee time tracking is something that must be managed in order to operate successfully.

When you think about all the elements that go into employee management, or managing your employees, time tracking is possibly one of the most important. How would you feel if you found out that some of your employees were consistently coming in late or leaving early? How about if you found out that an employee was taking a 2 hour lunch every day and their allotted time was only 1 hour? You probably would not be very happy and you would see how much money your company is losing by paying these employees for time theft.

If you were using an employee tracking system that tracked your employee's hours to the exact minute, then you would have a piece of mind knowing they are at work when they are supposed to be. You will also have the ability to use OnTheClock’s Who's In Page In Page that will allow you to see everyone that is punched in and punched out. So if your company’s start time is 7:00 am and you have employees that are not yet clocked in, you can address these issues as necessary.

As you can see, time tracking is something that can easily be overlooked when figuring out why your company is not producing like it should be and hitting your projected profits. OnTheClock has helped over 6,000 customers to improve their employee time tracking and employee management. If you are still hesitant if this is something that would work for you then don’t take our word for it, check out our customer success stories from our customer, Baked and our customer, Tomato Tomato. Also, feel free to contact OnTheClock and a representative will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and help you to setup your account.   

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