Tomato Tomato's Customer Success With OnTheClock

Customer Success with OnTheClock

“If I can use it, anyone can.”

By Tim Glendenning

Before starting Tomato Tomato, Nebraska’s Indoor Farmers Market, Michael Kult had many years of experience in the restaurant industry working as a chef. Although he enjoyed what he was doing, Michael’s true passion was to expand the local food scene and become a local food distributor. “My idea was to offer healthier food options to customers that allowed them to know where they came from,” said Michael. So, approximately  8  years ago, Michael opened his own company known as Tomato Tomato, which is the largest indoor farmers market and produce distribution warehouse in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

Michael and his company work with wholesalers and everyday customers who journey inside the indoor market to buy fresh and local foods. His company runs a multi-farm CSA membership, also known as Community Supported Agriculture, and allows them to help customers put the health and happiness of yourself and your family first by eating a variety of fresh, nutritious foods while also supporting your local area farmers.   

When asked what his primary goal is for the company, Michael responded, “Our main goal is to increase production and consumption of local foods.”

“The main challenge I faced was accurate time reporting for the staff,” Michael responded when asked what motivated him to find OnTheClock. He really enjoys the option of being able to setup geo-fencing so his employees can punch in and out from a specific destination by the use of their mobile devices. “Knowing where my employees are was also a deciding factor for me along with QuickBooks integration which makes it flawless,” said Michael.

Remote time tracking, price and trust are the key elements why Michael chose OnTheClock to be his web-based time clock system instead of another company. “I like that I pay per employee and pay for what I use. OnTheClock’s prices are in my budget and that’s important,” he said. Other ways that Tomato Tomato has benefited from using an online time clock is by saving the company money. “I dropped payroll cost down by using your service and its simplicity is great; I click a button and send it to payroll which is virtually easy.”

I asked Michael what he would say to other businesses facing the same challenges as he did that encouraged him to sign up and he said “Consider looking at OnTheClock, especially if you are using QuickBooks. It’s just so simple and a timesaver.” Although a lot of technology has gone into the devolvement and creation of OnTheClock, this doesn’t mean you have to be an IT wiz to figure it out. Michael makes that clear when he said, “I’m not technology savvy, so if I can use it, anyone can.”


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