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Top Websites to Review Companies, Products and Services

We have all been there before - you find yourself searching the internet to find reviews to make sure you are making a good purchase. Sometimes you just simply do not know where to start. In this blog OnTheClock will give the top websites that we find most helpful to find reviews on companies, products and services. Hopefully our advice will help you in your decision making process.

Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business is a well-known website that over a million small business owners visit each month for references on many topics, services and products that may help their company succeed. They take the time to try products and conduct interviews with industry experts to provide valuable feedback to the public.

Some popular topics that Fit Small Business researches include accounting, sales, marketing, human resources and finance. A quote from their website states, “Our buyer’s guides, ‘how to’ explainers and product reviews fill in the gaps on what business owners need to know.” A great example of this is how they present their Top Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses.

Visitors will access details on reviews and ratings, a description of the product, what the company does and does not do well, pricing, comparison to similar companies, a list of features and a direct link to that company’s website.

Google Reviews

Yes, Google offers more than just answers on how to tie a tie, how to lose weight or how to convert hours and minutes to decimal hours. Whatever your question may be, Google seems to always have your back. Google also offers options to review and write reviews. Do you ever find yourself searching for a restaurant to eat at, but you are not sure how good their food is? Problem solved because you have the ability to read reviews from those who have first-hand experienced this specific place of interest.

If you do not have the time to invest in reading reviews then you can do a quick glance at the star ratings that are used as a universal symbol on how good places and things are such as hotels, car rentals companies, resorts, spas, doctor offices, software as a service companies and much more.

Facebook Reviews

Good ole social media to the rescue once again. Do you recall a time when it was much more difficult to keep in touch with someone? Facebook has fixed those problems for anyone in the world. With an army of friends on your Facebook page, you will also have the opportunity to ask for recommendations for certain products and companies. This allows customers and users to give you their personal feedback based on their experiences.

Along with personal Facebook pages, companies and businesses also have pages available to the public for additional information about them. One of the biggest benefits to is the use of Facebook Reviews. Consumers are able to give a star rating along with a written description about the company. Many people also choose to use the comment sections to give their advice and opinions on a product, service or company.

Amazon Reviews

Perhaps the most popular online shopping website in the world, Amazon allows their customers to search products with the convenience of showing the star rating right next to the products. Shoppers are able to read additional review information by a simple click on the see all reviews link. Readers are then able to see the various reviews that have been submitted by those who purchased the item(s).

Those who are Amazon shoppers are generally pleased with their experience when buying products online because the process is very organized and time saving. A person is able to type in whatever it is they are looking to purchase once on the website. From there a variety of products that fit their searching criteria comes up. Once the list is generated, the shopper is able to see the prices, ratings and reviews which play a huge factor in their purchasing decisions.

Capterra Reviews

Capterra is a great review website used for consumers to search for services they could use to improve their businesses. Employee time clock software companies are very common services that are searched on this website. Many users will also look for mobile apps as well. Companies are able to have a description that includes pricing, product details, deployment options, and a detailed overview on what they have to offer to consumers.

Just like other review websites, users are able to give a star rating and review based on their personal experiences. These reviews really help small businesses make decisions when it comes to improving the success rate in the workplace. Capterra saves companies time and insight on a company by the use of supplying numerous time tracking softwares.   

Better Business Bureau Reviews

According to Wikipedia, the Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization founded in 1912 that focuses on marketplace trust. Although some may debate that the BBB is outdated, we respectfully disagree. The BBB gives consumers a free option to explore local businesses to gain a better understanding on their ethics based on their ratings and reviews. Many people who hire local contractors have resorted to the use of the Better Business Bureau’s rating and review style as an element of trust.

In addition, a company has to actually pay to be accredited by the BBB. This means that a company who practices bad ethics are less likely to pay for any type of BBB accreditation, because they know how it can ultimately go against them due to the capability of customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB uses the report card style grading system; A+, B, etc.for rating companies.

Rate My Professor Reviews

We can all probably relate to a time in grade school, junior high school, high school or college when we had that dreaded teacher that handed out so much homework. is an extremely useful tool for students on a college level when it comes to them looking for a professor that fits their liking. Students are able to review a professor and give their feedback on the time spent in his or her classroom. Millions of students have taken advantage of this website to help them improve their learning experience. Lets face it, school work is stressful enough and you don’t need a teacher that unnecessarily increases your workload.

Why Reviews Are Important

Reviews allow us to know what to expect in very important decision making situations. So much time is spent on decision making so why not make it easier? Reviews also help improve a company. Yes, that is correct, you have a say in a multi billion dollar company and their success. A company is able to gauge how well they are performing in a specific part of business based on consumer reviews. Here at OnTheClock, we encourage our online time clock users to give us honest reviews. This information is very important to us because we can meet demands that the user may want on our time clock app, a more efficient way to track employee hours, or how to improve employee time management.

These star ratings and reviews can take in a variety of considerations from the people who are giving them. Some of these considerations may include:

  • Quality of customer service
  • How good the food is from a place of interest
  • The value of a specific product or service
  • If it was useful to them or their company
  • How much something costs
  • Ethics and morals of a company
  • Cleanliness of a hotel, apartment, restaurant and other places
  • The quality in which something is/was made
  • Verify the authenticity of a product
  • The simplicity that fits with your lifestyle  

In conclusion, be sure to read star ratings and reviews. Also, if you have the opportunity to give an honest review then please do. This has a very big impact on other people like you when making a difficult decision.

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