Tracking Paid Time Off with an Online Time Clock

Are you manually recording paid time off in your nifty spreadsheet you created? Wouldn’t it be easier if that could be recorded on your employee's time card right when you nodded your head for approval? How many countless hours have you spent tracking down a time off request form for an employee who popped their head in your office to ask, “ Can I have the 1st through the 5th off?”. It can be a real drain to have to switch back and forth between systems, why not try and keep all your information in one place? Have you ever considered combining your PTO with your time clock?

Online Time Clocks that Track PTO

Moving your time tracking solution to an online based program allows you the capability to accomplish multiple tasks within one system. That means you are saving even more time if you can have a program do more than just one thing. It’s only natural to ask if  PTO tracking is included. Hours and paid time off go together like peanut butter and jelly. Employers know all too well the struggle that comes with tracking paid time off. Sometimes it gets pushed off and you are scrambling to later figure out all the days your employee took off. A pro to having an online system that will track these requests for you, is that nothing will get lost or misplaced, you will have access to the request and approvals all in one place.


OnTheClock isn’t just a  simple time tracking solution, it also offers an easy Paid Time Off  tool where you can set up your employee rules for the year. This can be customized for each employee based on their personal rate of accrual or allotment. Once this is set up your employee can see how much time they have on their profile and they can even submit a request to you that shows up instantly waiting for approval. You will no longer need to look into your spreadsheet to see if someone has any time remaining; you can just pull up their PTO chart and see their availability. It doesn’t end there though, once you hit that approve button the time shows up on their time card and comes right off of their paid time off bank. When the employee logs in to check the status of their pending request they will see whether or not the time has been approved or denied. You can leave them a message as well when you make your decision.

WOW. That spreadsheet sounds complicated now.

Keep in mind, you don’t want your system to have too many bells and whistles. Too much of a good thing can also cloud the vision of ‘Time saving’ because now you’re doing too much in one place. Keep your search simple, and you’re bound to find a web based time clock that fits your needs. Try out OnTheClock free for 30 days!


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