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Using a Time Management Application

Time plays such a huge factor in our lives. When you think about everything you do on a daily basis, it has to do with time. Sticking with your schedule, punching a time clock for work, picking your kids up from practice, having dinner ready for the family, etc. Many of us do not realize how our lives evolve around time and how important it is to manage it appropriately. Think about when you go to work or when your employees are at work, pay, productivity, profits and much more all play a factor with time management.

Create a work schedule

OnTheClock is a great time management application that offers a feature where employers can schedule their employee’s hours. By having a well established schedule that can be accessed by the use of a time application will bring many benefits to the company’s way of operations as well as benefiting the employees.

Employers are able to schedule specific employees to work on specific days and times. This eliminates handwritten schedules that can be misplaced or unreadable to others. Lets face it, we are not all the greatest at spelling or possess the art of beautiful handwriting skills. “Penciling in” an employee to work on Monday at eight o'clock for them just to come and ask you to switch days which causes you to rewrite it all over again does not sound very fun. With a time management application, you could simply adjust your entire schedule with a few clicks of a computer mouse.

Employees also finds this to be a great resource because it allows them to see when they are expected to be in for work. Some employees have a schedule that changes every week and it is important for them to know the days they work. Believe it or not, some employers actually do their entire schedule for the whole year! Could you imagine when you would have to make an adjustment for a whole year without a program that would save you time?

Manage employee time cards

Proper employee time card management allows for a successful payroll budget. Everyone knows that employers do not to want overpay or underpay their employees. And we definitely know that employees do not want to underpaid. A time management app will automatically document each individual employee’s punch in and out times to calculate them for the employer. This reduces payroll expenses while saving time.

Know who is on the clock

With a tremendous feature called Who’s In, an employer is able to see everyone who is clocked in or clocked out at that current time. This feature was designed so that employers, managers or supervisors could have the convenience of knowing who’s in and on the clock when they should or shouldn’t be. The Who’s In page also allows small businesses to take control over their company while having a piece of mind.

Completely web based for convenience

OnTheClock offers a completely web-based time management application that will store all of your added employees, time cards, shift scheduling, pay rates, PTO tracking, and much more. You can basically look at it as being your very own personal - virtual assistant. Say goodbye to all of the handwritten papers that are laying around the office with countless amount of hours that you invested into them and say hello to a time management application that will save you headaches and time.

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