Why OnTheClock is Successful

Operating a business can be tough, but it should never discourage you from living your dreams and being successful. Try to consistently search for ways to improve your company and its goals. In this blog we will share with you why OnTheClock is successful at what we do and hopefully it can help other businesses out there looking for ways to improve their brand.

OnTheClock customer support

We strongly feel that our customers should be treated equally and we take the time to listen to ways how to improve our online time clock system. When a customer calls 888-753-5999, emails support@ontheclock.com or sends a live chat through ontheclock.com, we humbly value their questions, opinions and/or concerns. By putting the customer first, the OnTheClock team feels that it is one of the best ways to improve as a whole. We aren’t perfect, so listening to our customers really helps service them at a much higher success rate.


We are big on giving back to those who have played a role in our success. With that being said, we also like to offer free giveaways to show appreciation to customers. This is done through our website and Facebook page. We like to engage with our customers to let them know how much we appreciate them.

Our customer support team is always more than happy to assist customers when it comes to setting up a new account with OnTheClock. A member from customer support will take the time to go through each step that is necessary to make sure the user is completely understanding our service. Our web based time clock is designed to improve businesses and eliminate stress when it comes to employee time tracking. With this being said, a customer should not replace one headache with another, so this is why we do not hesitate to help.

A safe and reliable time clock

Another part of success that we concentrate on is the security of our service. Since everything is done through the internet when using our employee tracking system, you want to make sure that it is safe and reliable. We have achieved this by putting in the manhours and developing a cloud based service that you can depend on.


Allowing the customers to have a peace of mind that their information is safe and secure has not only allowed them to feel better when using us, but also connects the trust element between OnTheClock and the world.

Time clock pricing

Unlike some companies, we understand the importance of you staying within your budget. We are able to offer a great service for a great value. Our low pricing is designed to help small businesses stay on track to accomplish their goals. In addition to our great pricing, we offer a 30 day free trial so you know what we have to offer. We don’t believe that you should pay for something without knowing if it is going to improve your company. The 30 day free trial helps you to understand how the service works and also allows your employees to get familiar with the product. There is absolutely no commitment and our customer support team is there to assist you every step of the way just as if you were a paying customer.

Benefits to using an online time clock

We look at our own business and think of ways that can benefit us when it comes to growth and operating efficiently. Then we use those ideas to implement into our time clock system so they can hopefully help others. Convenience is a benefit you get when using our service because it helps to eliminate stress for a business owner. Stress is not wanted in the workplace and we understand that. OnTheClock can help take the stress away from tracking your employee’s time. Also, having accurate time cards is a great benefit when it comes to tracking your payroll appropriately. You can put your valuable time towards other aspects of your business by knowing your employee’s time cards are being accurately documented and tracked by the use of a web based time clock. All of your time card information is stored in a cloud so you can access them at your convenience.

Customer reviews

Many customers have given us honest reviews on numerous websites. This allows others to understand the way OnTheClock operates and what we have to offer. Having a visual of how customers use our product and how they feel about us helps us improve our time clock service.


Every customer is different and we try to accommodate for everyone’s needs so they can have the best experience possible when using us. Many of our customer’s reviews can be found at Capterra, Google, Facebook, QuickBooks and directly on OnTheClock.com. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about OnTheClock. Try us out and let's become successful together. 

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