Working For A Small Company

Working is a part of life. Eventually we all have to figure out what we want to do as a career and we start to follow a path that leads us there. Some people will find a corporate career and work for a big business. Others will find a small scale company and spend their career in small business.

Top five reasons I enjoy working for OnTheClock

1.) You get to know everyone

In a small setting you get to really know your co-workers because our offices are close to one another. This really builds up a positive atmosphere because you are able to experience first hand what everyone's job is. Understanding each others job helps keep things balanced and allows learning opportunities. Here at OnTheClock we are able to help each other out because we know what our jobs entails.

2.) Company gatherings

Since the amount of staff is small it is really easy to coordinate company gatherings. Everyone can come together for lunch to take a break from their daily tasks and relax. This makes for a comfortable work environment because everyone is able to talk to each other in a setting that is not just work related, you can actually learn about what is going on in each others lives.

3.) Sharing Ideas

We have a positive perception towards creativity. There is a board of ideas that everyone no matter what position is able to add ideas to improve OnTheClock for our customers. The ideas never go unheard and are never turned down but are welcomed. We reference this board to figure out what the newest addition to the website or app should be. We also welcome customers input as well. We want our system to work for the people who use it everyday so suggestions are never turned down but valued.

4.) Open door policy

OnTheClock offers an Open Door Policy in other words, we are always able to communicate any concerns to upper management. This is great because it helps make the company culture more relaxed. If there is a problem we can bring it to a managers attention right away and receive the help that is needed to obtain a resolution. We are all one cohesive team and that really helps us with our main mission: Customer success.

5.) Weekly meetings

We have a relatively small team so it makes it easy to have a weekly staff meeting just to see how each department is doing. Each week we are able to bring concerns, achievements, and even new ideas to the table. These meetings really help to improve customer support, marketing, and web development for OnTheClock. This really allows us to all continue reaching for new goals company wide.

What do you love about your job

These reasons are the ones that I feel really speak about the culture of OnTheClock. Working for a small business really has its perks. If you had to make a list of the top 5 reasons you enjoyed your job what would you include?

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