How to Improve Communication With Employees in Construction

Improving communication in construction

Proper communication is essential in day-to-day and business life. According to Emergentics, miscommunication costs businesses between $4,000 and $6,000 per employee each year. Failed communication in the construction industry can result in project delays, safety issues, material shortages, and decreased productivity. 

In construction, good communication should convey the message quickly and clearly for the recipient to understand fully. Effective communication can raise your team's productivity by 25%. This article will explain how to achieve good communication in the construction industry between management and employees. 

Schedule Meetings With Your Construction Crew

Meetings are a great way to communicate expectations, updates about projects, and understand if your employees face any barriers. Meetings also allow employees to discuss crucial topics with their supervisors. 

Developing and scheduling meetings will help strengthen relationships and ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s recommended to develop a meeting schedule. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, meetings should be scheduled to ensure complete optimization when communicating with your employees. Indeed reports that meetings can be an effective place for employees to use their problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.

Important construction communication meetings may include:

  • Updates for material delivery
  • A checklist of safety equipment
  • A checklist of proper machinery and tools
  • Go over the latest OSHA rules and regulations
  • When projects and jobs are expected to be accomplished

Construction meetings should be designed to keep your employees safe while streamlining workflow. 

Provide and Receive Feedback From Employees

Feedback is a type of communication that’s meant to give transparency, so anything negative is quickly addressed and improved.

Providing feedback allows employees to gain a clear understanding of the expectations and desired outcomes for the jobs they’re working. Employees can use the input received, improve productivity, and better use their time.

It’s just as crucial for you to receive feedback from your employees. Employee feedback allows businesses to understand what’s going on in the field from someone who has direct experience. 

Hold Training For Construction Employees

This tip reduces the opportunity for confusion and keeps employees safe while working on the job site. For example, if you start using a new time clock app, hold a brief training session to ensure all employees understand it. This can prevent loss of production and keep employees safe. Training can minimize the number of questions and uncertainty surrounding new procedures. 

Comprehension of the job details is critical for completing any job accurately and on time. Employers should explore options that help build employee communication skills. Incorporating training that focuses on communicating effectively with one another will create a stronger team and increase overall productivity.

Choose an Employee Messaging Platform

Your employees are in the field and need a streamlined method of communication. The solution should be straightforward to use. OnTheClock provides an instant messaging feature inside our time clock app that’s designed to improve communication without alternating productivity. The instant messaging function is a terrific way to bring companies and employees closer together.

Rather than dealing with clunky emails, provide real-time information to your team with real-time messaging. Let's face it; not everyone is excellent at recalling information. Conveniently remind employees about deadlines or team meetings. Use the messaging feature to communicate any changes to their work schedule or allow the crew to know if a delivery is running late. 

Messages can be sent and received via the OnTheClock website and our mobile time clock app. We recognize that every business is unique, and offering instant messaging can help bridge the gap between employees and management. Try our time clock app on Android and Apple devices to receive messages quickly. 

Improve Productivity & Streamline Communication

Try our time clock messaging feature.

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