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Great program
By Ro9ce on 03/02/2018
I own a small, comprehensive tree service company. I am lucky to have four wonderful employees. They all have smart phones, which is a requirement at my company - one of the reasons for that is this app. Since we dont have a physical shop (yet, cant wait till we do!) there is no place to "punch a clock." This app has changed the way they start and finish their days. It makes my job, and my accountants job, much easier. Thanks for the great app guys!

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Youy very welcome!!!
Easy to use!
By Alyssa on 03/01/2018
We started using OnTheClock about a year ago. It was the easiest, least expensive time clock that I found. I would like to see the PTO request section to be a little more user friendly (not adding in PTO hours for requested weekend days off would be a plus!).
By stat services on 02/27/2018
excellent tool
By Doc Dykes on 02/27/2018
This app is perfect for my field marketing promoters. Easy to use and easy to manage on the back end. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who manages employees out in the field!
Easy, all the features I need
By Chris on 02/27/2018
Could not be easier. Quick setup. Workers love simplicity.

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Thank you Chris for the review!
Great Customer Service
By Dr. Kimberly Erb on 02/25/2018
I have really enjoyed working with On The Clock and the Customer Service is the best!
Excellent application
By Alex on 02/23/2018
It does what I need and more and it is a simple to use interface.
Great service
By Shanell on 02/21/2018
Been using this service for about a year and its a great accurate service .
By JUDY on 02/19/2018
Would recommend business to use this app for there business
By J&O Electric on 02/15/2018
Easy and affordable! Great for my employees
Great Service
By Chip Capelli on 02/09/2018
This is a great service at a terrific price. I recommend it time and time again to all of my clients.

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Thanks Chip!!!
Great and affordable time management system
By Dan Speegle on 02/07/2018
Having used other programs, On-The-Clock is a straightforward time clock program that I heartily recommend others to use.
Easy to use timeclock
By Suan on 02/05/2018
I support 4 parks in Indiana from South Carolina...love this website for capturing hours and labor dollars to process payroll...keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the great review Suan!
Works well for us
By Shelly on 02/01/2018
On the Clock works well for our school to track hours for our staff who are hourly.
Start Dates
By Aaron Alverson on 01/31/2018
I like the product.. but to get to the point to help improve it add these options 1. Be able to run report on individual workers that include hours worked and the date they started working, when raises were issued... etc 2. Change individual workers pay periods 3. Over all be able to run and or change more options and features for individual employees.

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Aaron, Thank you for your suggestions! We try to add things like you are asking if it makes sense for our customers.
Great support
By Priscilla on 01/29/2018
Great system and even better support. Just want to let you know that you have great people working for on the clock which has allowed me to utilize many different options and do my job more efficiently.
Time Card Review
By Ric on 01/26/2018
The program is work great. Ive been using it for more than a year and all has worked out fine. I would only change the printing format of the downloaded PDF of the time cards itself.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Ric, thanks for your suggestions on teh PDF export. Can you eloborate a bit? email us - support@ontheclock.com
Not enough options
By Veronica on 01/23/2018
Works great
By Brenda on 01/14/2018
We are a small business and Ive found On The Clock to work well and meets our needs. Easy to add and delete employees.
So easy to use!
By Alex on 01/10/2018
The setup and use of this website is so easy to use and the staff is wonderful and so helpful! I have been using this for a year and its great! Thank you.
excellent value
By drbecky on 01/09/2018
love the fee structure, features are excellent
perfect software for us
By vince on 01/08/2018
Love this program!
By Michelle on 01/02/2018
Im an administrator for a small office and this payroll program is perfect for us. The employees find it easy to use. I am pleased with how simple it is for me to make changes or corrections to their time cards, as well as process the bi-weekly payroll. I highly recommend On The Clock! :)

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Thank You Michelle!!!
Yes, I would recommend On the Clock
By Dori on 01/01/2018
I have been using on the clock for many years and have always received great service.
Difficult system
By Faith on 01/01/2018
The auto punch feature is next to impossible to manage.

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Hi Faith, I am so sorry to hear that you are having issues. Have you reached out to our support? ~Dean
Easy To Use
By Julie Potter on 12/29/2017
We love On The Clock! Simple to set up, simple to use. Makes processing payroll quick.....no adding up time cards (which means no math errors). Highly recommend On The Clock!
works as advertised
By tim on 12/22/2017
been using this app awhile. like the ease of use. just have me and another guy to track and this integrates with quick books. recommend it highly

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Thanks Tim!
Easy and Simple
By Jeanne on 12/22/2017
Easy to use for both managers and employees!

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Thanks Jeanne!
Best Time Clock software out there
By Carol M on 12/17/2017
Easy to use and no gadgetry needed to get started. Prints out the time cards with all the data easily . Reasonably priced also. Great program
Super Awesome Service!
By Dan on 12/15/2017
Love Yall!
Staff forgetting to Punch in/out
By GM Kazim on 12/14/2017
My staff put away their cell phones and do not use them while at work. So a SMS message is not an option. What can we do to remind them to sign in/out Ideally I would love this to be integrated with windows sign in.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thanks for the questions, you can always add an email reminder. Or possibly use automation to have the clock ins happen.
easy to use
By Tonya Jacobson on 12/13/2017
easy to use!
Great timeclock app
By Sabrina on 12/12/2017
This has made doing payroll and tracking clock in and out very easy for me. The product is super easy to use and if you ever need help they are very responsive.
By Bryanna on 12/04/2017
Alicia Evola was very helpful! She was able to make my experience a breeze! Thank you!
Easy for Employees to Clock In
By Sandy Ducharme on 12/02/2017
Our employees seem to have very little trouble using this app. Sometimes there is no cell service available at some job locations.
Valuable service
By Cindy on 11/29/2017
We have found On the Clock to be an easy to use system and cost effective for small employers. I would recommend it.
Quick and Easy and the Price is right
By Where's Naldo on 11/26/2017
I have thoroughly enjoyed On The Clock for the ease of managing my employees. I am able to download timecards and archive them and keep everything organized. It does everything we need including keeping track of PTO and vacation days. Quite simply, it does the job well.

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Thank you so much for the great review, I am glad you enjoy OTC!
By scott on 11/26/2017

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Great small business option!
By Anela on 11/25/2017
Love On The Clock! Works perfectly for us as we only have 1 or 2 hourly employees and this is free!! Programs & reports are user friendly, easy to use, export...just great! Thank you! :)

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Well Anela, You Are Very Welcome!
By We Care on 11/22/2017
This program is very convenient way for me to keep track of my employees who are in and out, making schedules, and verifying time cards. I dont use all the features because some are a little confusing,but I do like the service and would recommend use for small business owners!
Best value for the money!
By Don Middleton on 11/06/2017
Ive used On The Clock for over two years and have never had an issue. Its very easy to use and has more than enough functionality for a small business owner. I highly recommend using this system!
By Bernie on 11/03/2017
You just cant make it any easier!
Absolutely love On-the-Clock
By Iowakathy on 10/31/2017
Easy to use ap. Conveniently lets me know in real time where my cleaning staff is across multiple locations. Makes payroll a snap. I cant imagine running our business without OnTheClock.com
Awesome Web based tool
By Pamela Gardner on 10/30/2017
I had been looking for a convenient way to have my employees across states to keep up with their time and for me to gather it in one place. This program is very convenient and efficient if you have employees in other locations. I would highly recommend this product.
Simple and comprehensive
By Drew on 10/27/2017
This offers everything that my employees, my accountant any I need. Its simple interface and web-based platform make it the perfect solution for my practice.
Great product!
By Diane on 10/23/2017
Ontheclock has really helped us with accountability in our organization and made the payroll process easier. This app is easy to use and my staff likes it. The only problem we have is there are too many steps to the clock in and clock out process. They get in a hurry and forget to finish and it doesnt capture their clicks. A quick phone call to the administrator fixes it so its not a huge issue. I recommend ontheclock frequently.
Great System
By Simone on 10/20/2017
We have been using On The Clock for several years now. This is a great system prior to using this our HR manager was struggling with calculation of time for staff. This system is user friendly and efficient. I like the ability to be able to call their customer services and talk with an actual person. They have been able to resolve any questions that I have had within the same call. I like the way it track overtime, holiday pay, etc.

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Thanks for the great review Simone!
Great service for my small office
By Ulrich on 10/20/2017
Love the ease of use and web access this service gives me and my staff in my office. Time keeping is no hassle thanks to On The Clock!

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Thank You Ulrich!!!
great site
By pete on 10/18/2017
love the site-easy to work with
On The Clock has made payroll a breeze!
By Devine Printing on 10/11/2017
I appreciate how On The clock has made payroll a much easier and faster process. The employees like the simplicity of clocking in and out with their phone as well as being able to know how many hours they have with the time card summary at their fingertips.
Great App for small business
By Mark Hoerman on 10/09/2017
We are a new (2 year old) company. Instead of the punch clock system, I wanted something online where I could monitor it. I looked at several and had a fellow franchisee tell me about ontheclock.com. I looked it over on Youtube to see how it works and started it at our business. It is cheap for me and my 15 employees and works wonderful!! Money is tight when you start up a business and this is the best $20 a month you will ever spend! 5 stars!!
Easy to use
By Theresa on 10/03/2017
Ive worked on several different time clock programs and OnTheClock.com is by far the easiest. Reports are just a click. Keeps track of overtime, lunches, PTO. Simple instructions to add and or delete employees. Very happy with this program.
organizational tool
By Andrea Stine on 10/02/2017
Been Good
By Kelly Anderson on 09/27/2017
Great features, only complaint is app freezes fairly frequently.
Easy and fast to use.
By Max Maxwell on 09/21/2017
Outstanding Tool
By Growing Seasons Inc on 09/20/2017
OnTheClock has been a lifesaver! It is very easy to use and has all the functions needs to efficiently manage my employees time, make schedules and track payroll. Also, we have a nexus in several states, so it has made tracking state income taxes for various locations a breeze! My employees love it too because they can punch in/out, track hours and see their schedule all on their smartphone. I will NEVER use paper punch cards or other timeclock applications as long as this product is available. Definitely recommend to any small business owner!
Thanks for a Meeting the Need!
By Katie Rohan on 09/18/2017
The punch clock is perfect for our team! I appreciate how easy the administration tasks are to use. The PTO tracking is also a breeze. If I could see an entire month for a whole department on one screen I will definitely use the scheduling tool as well. Thanks again for a great product, On The Clock was exactly what I was looking for!
good timecard
By larry on 09/15/2017
No complaints here, not one
By Elizabeth on 09/14/2017
I research everything thoroughly before purchasing and purchasing a time punch system for our company was no different. I did a Google search and investigated. I kept narrowing the selections down until only one is left standing and this case the one was On the Clock! We are a heating and air company and use On the Clock for our technicians that our out in the field. Their program is sooo simple to use but has every feature we need. We especially like the GPS recording of where the technician clocking in and out. THAT right there alone pays for the program. We found all of our technicians were clocking in early pretty much every day! So not only has On the Clock saved us money in that way but it also (compared to all the other programs I researched) is pretty inexpensive. You would not believe how much some of the other companies are looking for. Weve been using them for a couple years now and have only encountered one issue, which they were so awesome with speaking to us on the phone and helping us through. I really have nothing negative to say about On the Clock but keep up the good work!

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Awesome Elizabeth!
very good site and service
By Olga on 09/13/2017
I have been successfully using your site for my office needs for nearly 5 years. My employees have no difficulties clocking in and out. I like the easy and user friendly reports and edit functions. Thanks!

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Thanks Olga!
By gea on 09/11/2017
we love it
Great Service
By Yolanda S Johnson on 09/07/2017
Love it!!!
By Mandy Wiseman on 09/07/2017
This time clock app has features I didnt know I needed (until I used them).

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Thanks Mandy!!!
Great Service
By john on 09/05/2017
great service just cant customize the weeks view to fit my companies schedule
Good job
By Signe Hendricksen on 08/28/2017
You have always been swift in respond to whatever ?s I had. Thank you

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Great Service
By Krishna on 08/26/2017
Very helpful
Great Product
By Brian on 08/25/2017
One of my previous employees filed claims that I was not paying overtime correctly. I search for a cloud based program to solve that problem and tried a few. I like this one the best and it is very inexpensive. Great features are included in the product
easy to use
By Allison on 08/22/2017
time saver
By D's Concessions on 08/21/2017
It is a good tool but I am only open for business March to mid May and mid August to end of October so I pay for months I dont even use the app. Would like to find something that I would not get charged for the months I dont use it. Thanks

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi, We can put your account on hold, we will reach out to you to get this setup. Thanks, the OTC Team
Great and easy
By Maggie on 08/17/2017
This app is amazingly simple. Its easy to set up, use and review time sheets. I highly recommend. My staff love it because they can clock in where ever they are. Triple thumbs up!
Love OnTheClock
By Jynx on 08/15/2017
Love this time clock. Absolutely the best time clock ever. So very happy that I found OnTheClock
Love this program
By Cindy on 08/14/2017
This program is easy to use and offers many log in options. The website provides a lot of "How to" showing you the steps you need to know to make changes.
Overall good.
By Tony on 08/08/2017
We would really like to be able to sort by department as well as job. Right now I can only differentiate between jobs, but I would also like to be able to differentiate between department within a specific job. We use the departments as functional areas, that individual workers can punch in to. Our employees are not limited to just one department/functional area.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Tony, we have many new features that will help you with this, we will reach out to you to to see if we can help. Thanks ~Dean
By Steve on 08/08/2017
Love the app. Great for our employees.
Excellent Solution and Easy to Use
By Medical Office on 08/07/2017
We are so happy with Ontheclock.com. It is easy to use, versatile, secure, and affordable. We highly recommend.

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Great App
By Steve K on 08/06/2017
This app has made payroll so easy for us. Wish there were more than 5 stars to select from
Good product
By Melissa on 08/03/2017
I think this is a good product. We do not use the scheduling aspect as it is not very user friendly as it could or should be. Other than that, no complaints.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Melissa, scheduling is one thing we will be working on this year
Awesome Service
By Tristan on 07/31/2017
The website is super easy to use and navigate. Perfect for in-house payroll and very inexpensive.
Good Simple Time Clock
By Lydia on 07/28/2017
On The Clock works well for our HVAC Company. Very simple layout, but it is easy to use and understand.
Cant Live Without It
By TERESA on 07/27/2017
This has cut my payroll time to a speedy process. I love On The Clock!
User Friendly and Economical
By TS on 07/25/2017
We have a small group of employees so many of the time clock programs are much larger than what our company requires. On The Clock is easily scaled to the size you need, works perfectly for us! Easy to use and administer remotely as well as on-site. I would definitely recommend!
Great product!
By MV on 07/20/2017
OnTheClock is a great product: easy to use, very clear to both staff and payroll service. I am glad I switched to OnTheClock.
an entrepreneurs friend
By Mike on 07/19/2017
Website is easy to use with helpful options. Been using it for 10 years The app can use some improvements.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thanks for the honest review Mike!
Great Service
By Matt on 07/18/2017
Great service for the price!!!
You gotta use this app!
By Mark P on 07/17/2017
Great, simple and easy to use time clock. Only kick is the scheduling section, which could be better, but works as is now! Highly recommend this!
Best Online Time Clock
By Limo Man on 07/14/2017
After searching the internet I finally tried OnTheClock.com and Im glad I did. OnTheClock.com is very easy to use but pack full of features and the cost of using this system is far the best on the internet. I would highly recommend OnTheClock.com to any business.
By willland on 07/07/2017
the application is awesome for keeping record and accurate hours worked. Very affordable which is the best part
By Marcia on 07/05/2017
Would love to see the schedule layout in a calendar. with private home staffing it would be easier to print just the calendar/schedule for each home, while being able to see the entire staffing schedule. Otherwise great program with gps works great
Management Partner
By Claudia on 07/03/2017
Makes a great management partner!
Wonderful program
By King on 06/28/2017
Ive been using this program for a year. It has all the features an employer would need. Easy for both employer and employees. Give it a shot!
Great Online Time Clock
By Starkville Eye Clinic on 06/26/2017
I have been using this service for years. Not once have I had a problem with the site. It is very reliable. Easy to use. Employee friendly.
Easy to use and cost-effective
By QP on 06/24/2017
Great for small businesses with few employees. Lots of features for little to no cost.
By Roy Cole on 06/23/2017
I have tried a ton of other time clocks, ones involving cards, other ones online, all have had the same thing in common. They were cumbersome and I hated them. I found Ontheclock.com one day while searching for a better alternative, it looked affordable, it looked easy enough that I could operate it and so I tried it. I love it!!! I archive all my stuff offline in my own system and online just in case! It notifies me whenever someone punches in or out and it is easy to fix time when someone forgets to clock in or out. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone in small business or computer based businesses.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Roy, Thank you sooo much for the awesome review!
easy to use
By terry on 06/21/2017
easy to use
Operations Manager
By Kate on 06/20/2017
System is easy to use and access. Customer service responds quickly to any questions.
Great App
By Adrienne on 06/14/2017
Works well for our purpose. We have three different work sites and it is very easy for staff to punch in and out. I can correct or add punches as needed. This is a great App easy to use, if I have questions On the Clock is quick to respond & help me out.
easy to use
By terry on 06/12/2017
System works well for our company.
Great system!
By Katrina Wilson on 06/12/2017
Very user friendly - we love this system!
Intuitive and useful
By James on 06/09/2017
Intuitive and useful. Makes payroll management simple.
Easy, Simple & Complete
By Tony Wyatt on 06/08/2017
In todays small business environment, there are so many "tools" that claim to make our jobs easier - but in trying to simplify, many time the apps become so complex they are not worth the effort. This is not the case with On the Clock. Data is easy to enter, change and monitor. A few clicks and done! We truly appreciate the efficiency of the simplicity!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
We appreciate you! ~Dean

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