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By HECTOR GUERRA on 05/21/2019

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We are very happy to see that our time clock is helpful for you :)
By Brian on 05/21/2019
On The Clock is a very easy to use app and online version. Would highly recommend it to anyone!

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Hi Brian, thank you for the awesome review!
By Janae on 05/20/2019
I like how easy and user-friendly on the clock is.

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Thank you for reviewing us, Janae!
Your Website once logged in does not work with Iphone
By Don Messina on 05/18/2019
Had an issue logging in a while back on my iPhone, but seemed to be working now. Not sure if it was my phone or the app, but it works fine now.

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Hello Don! Thank you for the kind feedback and review about our time clock. We are happy to hear that your login issue was resolved. Have a great day!
office manager
By Faye on 05/17/2019
I have no problem with Onthe clock, and it is eazy to work

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Hello Faye, thank you for taking the time to review our time clock :)
By Ruby on 05/17/2019
I love On The Clock! Its very easy to use, convenient and makes tracking and getting payroll together so simple. I especially love that when I am out of the office I can still track and calculate everything and send it in to management so I can still get paid, all with just a few clicks!

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Hey Ruby! We appreciate the very generous review! Have a great day!
Easy to use, helpful timeclock
By Andrew on 05/16/2019
I have been using On The Clock for my small business for around a year now, and am very pleased. The customer service team has always gotten back to me promptly with answers to questions I have. The system itself works well, has a robust set of settings and features and is overall very convenient. I especially like the ability to run the app from a tablet as our new punch clock and how my employees can clock in through their own smart phone if desired.

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We appreciate your detailed feedback and review. Thank you for using OnTheClock and have a great day, Andrew.
A Quick 30 sec
By Cheryl on 05/16/2019
I like on the clock, but it could have some improvements. Or maybe I am not finding what I want. Over all I like it.

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Hello Cheryl, thank you for the review. If you ever need assistance finding certain features on our website then please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help :) 888-753-5999 Have a great day!
Great service
By Brad on 05/16/2019
Makes it easy to control hours for employees. Excellent service

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Easy is good, Brad! We appreciate the kind review.
Great System
By Dave Bonner on 05/15/2019
I evaluated 3 or 4 products before deciding to go with On the Clock. We have been using it for about a year and I have been satisfied with every aspect of the software and the company. I have recommended the product and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work.

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Hi Dave, thank you very much for your loyalty and recommendations. We are truly blessed to have users like you.
By Happy Customer! on 05/15/2019
OnTheClock.COM was just wanted we needed! We own a very small business so we just needed one employee. Any fee wouldve turned me away, but 1-2 employees are free, which helps us build our confidence and staff. Its been easy to use...we are EXTREMELY happy!

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Wow - thank you for the great review! We appreciate you taking the time to review our time clock.
Easy & Flexible
By Diane Biggs on 05/14/2019
We have used on the clock for 1 year now. It was very easy to set and easy to use. Simple process for the employees to punch in from any computer, but safeguards like not letting employees punch in from home. Convenient for administrators to make changes or corrections to the time cards. I like the PTO tracking capability. Has great bones, great basic features, but also allows us the flexibility to track employees hours from both our office locations for accounting purposes. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I would like to see some other reporting options. Really great staff, knowledgeable and courteous customer service.

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Thank you for your honest feedback, Diane! We are always trying to update more features that our users want, so thanks again. Have a great day!
Easy to use
By hmobgyn on 05/14/2019
For a quick, inexpensive and easy to use time clock, this is a great!

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Thank you for taking the time to review our time clock system!
By Jenny on 05/14/2019
Works great for our accounting and makes the process easier.

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Hi Jenny! Thank you for the kind review :)
nice job
By theresa on 05/14/2019
They have done a nice job!

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Thank you, Theresa.
Great product!
By Bobby on 05/13/2019
Great product! Quick and easy to setup and intuitive interface. Exactly what our business needed.

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We are thankful for your review, Bobby. Have a great day!
IP Address Issue
By Tauno Latvala on 05/13/2019
We are having an issue with IP Address violations but from what our former receptionist tells me, the only way to eliminate the error is to allow the employees to punch in/out off site.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Tauno, thank you for the review and feedback. We are not sure what you mean by IP Address violations, but we will be more than happy to assist with this issue. Please contact us at 888-753-5999 or email support@ontheclock.com and we will love to help troubleshoot the issue.
By Cheryl on 05/12/2019
We have used On The Clock for over a year now, and the system works great for us. We have many different companies and employees in various positions, this gives me a centralized location to pull time cards from.

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Hello Cheryl, this is great to hear! Thank you for your review!
Detailed,Economical & Great Service
By E Carmichael on 05/11/2019
I am extremely happy with On The Clock. Very detailed reports, easy to navigate, great support, and economical! Perfect for our company.

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We truly appreciate your review :)
By Lorie on 05/11/2019
I like OnTheClock for its ease of use. Its fairly intuitive how things need to be done. The one problem weve had is getting the time correct for all staff and admins. We had people registered on the correct time zones but we were still having problems with it working correctly. Other than that we have really liked working with the program!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Lorie, thank you for the review. We are sorry to hear about your issue with the time zones. This is something that we would be more than happy to assist with. Please contact us at 888-753-5999 or email support@ontheclock.com. Thank you once again.
easy to use
By JImmy on 05/11/2019
On The Clock has save us hours in keeping up with employee time and payroll. Works as expected and performs well. worth the investment.

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Hey Jimmy, thank you very much for the kind review!
By DAN on 05/10/2019

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Thanks for the rating!
Great tool to smooth opertations
By Kerry Phelan on 05/10/2019
I love what Ontheclock.com does to help me keep my payroll straight. They are top notch!

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Wow, thank you for the awesome review, Kerry!
Great Place for Time Clock keeping
By Gary W on 05/10/2019
I recommend this company. We have used it for over 5 years, the few times I needed help a real person was accessible and helpful. Best I found Gary

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Thank you very much for reviewing our time clock system, Gary. Have a great day!
Simple and practical!
By Phil on 05/10/2019
As a small business owner I found this app simple to set up, use and modify. It is helpful to have my employees punch in and out on there mobile devices. I get notifications emailed to me immediately and it makes keeping updated on my jobs less work. Even though I trust my employees it is helpful to access the punch map which lets me know where employees are punching in and out from. I am also currently setting my jobs up in a way that I can take information from work history to help with job costing/pricing. Thanks

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Hi Phil, thank you for taking the time to review us.
Great investment
By Craigens Garage on 05/09/2019
Great tool for tracking time and employees

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Thank you for the review!
Easy to use
By Vicki on 05/08/2019
Love this program! Easy to use and staff are very helpful when needing to figure something out - Not a fan of the decimal time tracker but having the converter handy is very useful!!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hello Vicki, thank you for using our time clock system. We have a decimal converting tool that may be beneficial to you. Here is that link: https://www.ontheclock.com/convert-hours-minutes-to-decimal-hours.aspx
A Solid Product
By F on 05/08/2019
I enjoy the ease of your website. I have never had issues with not being able to connect to the website or issues viewing time cards or employee information. I much prefer your website to the other time system site that I use.

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We appreciate your time to review us :)
Easy and Efficient
By Tonni on 05/08/2019
We have been using On the Clock for a year now and find that it has created efficiencies within the offices and has provides a simple user friendly option for tracking time, vacations, sick time etc. Just exactly what we were looking for at an affordable price!

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Hi Tonni, thank you for the kind review. Have a great day!
On the clock GPS
By Usman on 05/08/2019
Please make option to be able to track workers live!!!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Usman, our GPS gives the location on where employees punch in and punch out only.
Great Product
By Dr. Reed on 05/07/2019
We use this in a small office and it works smoothly. Easy to make administrative changes when employees forget to clock in or out.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hello Dr. Reed, thank you for taking the time to review us. We are happy that our time clock helps so much on the administrative side of your business as well. Have a great day!
Perfect for our needs in so many ways!
By Ms. Chocolate on 05/07/2019
First off, the ONLY reason I don’t give OTC five stars (or 6 or 7 or...) is because the admin user interface is a little clunky, resulting in a learning curve. Features: has pretty much everything I need. Use it for a small business with 3 locations plus delivery. Also use it to track hours for my out-of-state mother’s caregivers. The GPS feature is helpful for tracking hours of unsupervised employees, and identifying chronic late arrivers and early leavers. Cost: pays for itself by reducing my payroll data entry and error correction. Was less expensive with more of the features and flexibility I need compared with other apps on the market when we did our search. Tech support: has always been patient and available, even though we are a smallish customer. One GPS problem took several calls to resolve, but OTC eventually figured it out. Employee acceptance: my employees love it (the honest ones anyway) compared to a punch clock or written time card, since nowadays everyone is comfortable using phone apps. I think they feel empowered because the app sits on a device they control. I can’t say whether OTC is for everyone but overall we have been very happy.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hello there! We truly appreciate your detailed review about our employee time clock system. Your honest feedback allows us to exand and grow our services to better assist our customers in employee time tracking. Have a wonderful day :)
User Friendly & Accurate
By Delia on 05/06/2019
User Friendly & Accurate

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Thank you for taking the time to review our employee time clock! Have a great day!
A real time saver
By Gabriel Puente on 05/05/2019
On the clock has helped me manage my employees punches and made it easy for my payroll department.

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This is great to hear! Thank you for the review!
Great Customer service
By CCBS on 05/05/2019
Good Job !

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Our Cusotmer Service is pretty awesome, and we appreciate you expressing that in your review. Have a great day!
By robert norris on 05/04/2019
Great tool

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Hi Robert! Thanks for the review!
Great for Caregivers
By Garry on 05/03/2019
I use this product for my parents caregivers. Makes it real easy to ensure theyre always there when theyre supposed to be and I get a downloadable report for record keeping. Easy to use and setup - very fairly priced.

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Thanks for the review, Garry :)
good time card
By Jared on 05/03/2019
I have used OnTheCLock for several years now. I have had a few problems and they are always good to help get them figured out. There have been a few things I wish the app would do, but they have said currently it isnt an option, but maybe down the road. Overall it is a good app.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thank you for the great feedback and kind review, Jared. We recently launched an updated version of our mobile app. Hopefully this will provide some of the options you were looking for. Have a great day!
Works GREAT for me and my employees!
By Robert on 05/02/2019
Reliable, easy to use, and COST effective!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Robert! We have tried to create an employee time clock that is exactly the way you described it! Thank you for the review.
great program
By Barb on 05/02/2019
Great program-- saves us a lot of time.

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Hey Barb, thank you for the kind review.
OTC Review
By Rachael Strong on 05/01/2019
This is a good program. The only thing I would improve is more report options.

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Thank you very much for the feedback, Rachael.
On the clock review
By CCAA Construction LLC on 05/01/2019
I have used this app for almost a year. It has been a God send. It was extremely hard to track all our employees at different job sites. Our payroll had a significant drop the first two weeks of using the app. Literally every employee was lying about their work hours. The Geo location feature drove most of our employees absolutely crazy when they couldnt punch in at home. Then there were the "forgot to punch out" We covered that with a lie that worked. We told them that once their phones stop pinging at the job site we were sent a text so that would be their punch out time. It worked. Now that would be my only recommendation to you guys. Figure out an inexpensive way to tell employers with field employees when they were no longer at a specified job site. Love your service.. Thank You...

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Wow, thank you for not only the review, but also for your story on how our time clock system has helped you and your employees. Have a great day!
Awesome sight
By Karen on 05/01/2019
I run payroll for our company and want to say how easy it is to work with your system. Thanks for making my job easier

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Hello Karen, you are more than welcome, and we appreciate your review.
A Real Time Saver
By R on 04/30/2019

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Thank you for the review :)
works great for our office
By Sharon on 04/30/2019
we used to use paper time cards - this is so much easier!

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Thank you Sharon for the great review!
By Justin on 04/30/2019
It’s ok

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hey there Justin, we value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to review our employee time clock system.
Boss like
By Jonesy on 04/30/2019
On the clock really helps me manage and keep track of my guys. It brings a professional atmosphere to my company. Love this thing...

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Hi Jonesy! Wow, thank you so much for such an awesome review! Have a wonderful day!
Easy to use.
By Francine on 04/30/2019

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Great time clock.
By Niki on 04/30/2019

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Hi Niki, we appreciate the 5-star rating :)
OTC simply rocks!
By Safiya Ibn Garba on 04/15/2019
I have been using OTC for about two years now and not only is the platform super easy to use and accessible from anywhere in the world (which I constantly am:)), but OTC staff are super friendly, helpful and very understanding. They continually demonstrate that they are concerned not just about clients paying bills but that the service they provide to clients is satisfactory and uninterrupted. Thank you so much OTC... you rock!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
You rock too Safiya!
Quality & Cheap
By Jared on 04/12/2019
Very good service for the price. Can be tailored to fit any number of employees. Easy to use. Wish there was a few more bells and whistles for manually clocking in as Overtime and communicating with employees or setting up groups of employees to send messages to.
Great Product for Price
By Matt on 04/10/2019
Their service is great and robust for the price that we pay. It is missing a few functions that would be useful but overall a great product.
Great company
By V on 04/08/2019
Love how easy On The Clock is to use. My employees never have an issue with the system, and every time Ive called customer service they answer promptly and professionally. Thanks On The Clock! Great service and great company.
Helps Identify truthful Employees
By Donna on 04/04/2019
I really like the geolocation. It has helped me to spot a staff member who was clocking in but really at the Horseshoe Casino. It has helped me spot a staff member clocking in from another city and had another staff member covering for them. It has helped me spot a staff member whose car really was broken down. Its fast and easy. I love it!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
We love your business Donna!
Very Pleased customer
By Angela (Director) on 04/04/2019
I have been using On The Clock for my company for almost one year and I have no complaints. It is easy to use, its compatible with Quick Books and very reasonable at cost. I would recommend this system for all businesses.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thanks for 5 stars Angela!
OnTheClock.com is the best online time clock
By Rick on 04/02/2019
Our company has been using ontheclock.com for about a year. We are so glad we picked this online time clock. It does exactly what we need it to. It never goes down. We have had no problems, Thank you for that.. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an online time clock. You will not be sorry you choose OnTheClock.com

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thanks Rick!
On The Clock
By Vicky on 03/31/2019
Great Tool !!!!
Love On The Clock!
By DIANA on 03/25/2019
I must say I had my doubts about this product as it seemed so inexpensive that it couldnt possibly be what i need ( you get what you pay for) attitude. I couldnt have been more wrong!!!!! It is user friendly on the app and our employees have no problem with its simplicity. I would be lost with our On The Clock!!!!!!!!!!!
By Tolagai on 03/25/2019
Ive been using OnTheClock for about a year now and I am thoroughly impressed. It is not perfect, but it work just fine for our department. I am happy with the service, the immediate feedback to my questions. OnTheClock is awesome.
On the Clock
By Sandra Gomez on 03/22/2019
On the Clock is great. We are a small firm with only 3 employees. One is salary so there is no need to track her time. I am still learning what it can do for our firm. I would recommend it to everyone.
Schedule Needs Improvement
By Nick Diaz on 03/21/2019
Some things that could improve the schedule functionality: 1) being able to view by month without having to scroll. (monthly calendar type view) 2)Being able to publish a schedule for an entire month and not just one week at a time. 3) a better system for tracking when employees are late. Maybe an icon on their scheduled time or a counter for how many tardies each employee has.
Straight-forward, easy to use.
By Kim Adsit on 03/18/2019
The website is so easy to use for our staff! They especially like that they can send me emails when they forget to clock in or out.
The best and cheapest time clock
By Mac on 03/15/2019
I have been using on the clock for my small business for over 4 years and am very happy with the software.
2 Years no issues.
By Charlie L on 03/04/2019
Been using On The Clock for 2 years now and havent had a single issue. Sync time cards every 2 weeks with QuickBooks On Line and time gets recorded directly into payroll. The only negative I have is it does not distinguish regular time and Overtime. All hours come over as regular time so I have to edit hours in QuickBooks to complete payroll.
By tim on 02/20/2019
I never log on and it would be nice if it would alert the manager that payments are due before we get shut off notices
Great tool
By Tammy on 02/13/2019
This system makes my job much easier
Great Product!
By Shelly on 02/05/2019
I was skeptical when I first saw this ( how is anything free?! ) But it really is! My husband and I started our business ourselves and didnt have a need for an employee. Our business expanded and we needed an employee but an actual manual time card was not going to work for our type of business. Seeing this I thought I would try it. My employee can punch in from his phone and I can see and control everything from my computer, or phone app. I can e-mail the time card to my CPA for them to issue the paycheck, I dont want to mess around with the government. We are thinking of bringing on another employee and with this I can have 2 employees and it is still free. If you are a small or large business this is a great service. Personally, I love it!
Great App
By Daniel Stone on 01/23/2019
Very easy to use app. My employees love it ! I highly recommend using this service. Thanks
good app, great customer service
By Molly P on 01/21/2019
I have a small business <10 people. OnTheClock has answered all my questions and it is handy for my employees. I recommend this app for others.
Easy Peasey Payroll
By Kate on 01/18/2019
Great app for our hourly employees payroll. Tracks time easily. Neat and efficient. Easy to use for employees and managers. No fuss-no mess.
Great App.
By Melisa H. on 01/15/2019
We are a small nonprofit and this has been a great solution for us to track our employees hours. It is affordable and reliable. Customer support has always been helpful, especially as we started and set up our app.
Good system
By Chris on 01/13/2019
We are using ontheclock now for a couple of years with good success in our small company. The app works well and the system has worked well. I only wish we could run personal reports to track vacation and attendance a little easier.
Note line for employee
By Connie on 01/09/2019
Love the clock, but it would really help if you could add a "NOTE" line for the employees to leave descriptions as to why they clock in/out, leave early, etc.
Great Service
By David on 01/07/2019
The service is great and well thought out. I would recommend it to anyone and already have. David
By Scott Thompson, DDS on 01/04/2019
Great product and service. Nice people who are always eager to help. Great price. That says it all.
Excellent product & service
By D.A. Milewski on 01/02/2019
On the clock works great for our company, both service and product are excellent. The staff listens to customer inputs and request/suggestions for upgrades. Looking forward to a long relationship with "On the clock". Thank you D.A. Milewski
By al on 12/31/2018
App isnt working
By Shawna on 12/24/2018
I spoke to someone last week about a client not being able to use the phone app anymore and someone was supposed to get back to me...I still havent heard from anyone.....
Efficient and Easy
By Teresa on 12/19/2018
I love On The Clock. It is easy to use and the customer service reps are always kind and helpful.
Definitely 5 Stars!
By Flora on 12/18/2018
For ease of use, monthly investment, and reporting capabilities On The Clock definitely earns 5 stars! We have been using them for several years now.
Superb Web-Base Time Clock
By James Parker on 12/10/2018
One the Clock is a very well thought out yet still simplified website and app that allows organizations to have their workers track their time in an easy an efficient manner. We love the features that allow workers to clock-in elsewhere but will send an alert to the manager when the location is not an approved one. And the price is incredibly reasonable! You only pay for as many people as you use! So especially smaller businesses will appreciate this cost-efficient tool. We love it, and were glad we switched over.
Does what it is supposed to do!
By Sally on 11/28/2018
This is a very inexpensive option and works well for our small team. Allows team members to login into different departments, which helps for tracking. Employees can send notes. Reports are clear and easy to read and can be sent automatically to the bookkeeper. Setting up vacation and PTO was also easy.
By Venel on 11/16/2018
On the Clock works for us in keeping track of our staff hours worked. The program is so set that it safeguards from mistakes whether by the staff clocking in or the administrator. The support team is always pleasant and helpful, there is never the feeling that it is a bother when we ask for guidance. Response is speedy and accurate. Thank you!!!
By Lester on 11/14/2018
Awesome!!! What more needs to be said
satisfied customer
By slseaman on 11/12/2018
This service meets my needs to track my employees time. It is actually a built-in service to our auto part stores computer program, which makes it convenient. And the cost is very reasonable.
By BOBBIE on 11/08/2018
If you are working with an outdated Time Record System I highly recommend On The Clock. The set up is simple and easy to understand it has many features not offered by other companies. If you have a problem the support system is easy to access and you get an answer quickly.
Great time keeping system
By Isela on 11/06/2018
On the Clock support is great. I know I can always count on prompt and courteous responses. The support team has always been very helpful and they take the time to show you how to correct or do something. I like that it tracks PTO and and requests can be made online. Very user friendly and the reports that I need are all there.
Great Timeclock
By Jen on 10/30/2018
This program is easy to use. Employees have access to see their time and track used time. Great for multiple locations. Easy to read reports.
On The Clock
By Accounting on 10/28/2018
I like this site. Its simple design makes using the site easy. I cant think of anything to change.
Easy To Use
By Kay on 10/24/2018
Have been using the program for about one year and am impressed with the ease of use.
By Barb on 10/15/2018
Quick response to any issues we may be having. Very affordable.
Great Product - Easy to use
By Mary Jo Brandt on 10/10/2018
I researched a number of products to switch from a manual time clock to an electronic time clock. This was the easiest to use. Their customer service is always very fast.

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thank you for the kind words Mary Jo!
Love this application!
By JMD on 10/08/2018
I have recommended this program to others due to its ease of use, flexibility and very reasonable cost. I especially like the optional text alerts I receive when the staff punch in and out. The staff also like it because its easy to use.
Happy Customer
By Erica Dugas on 10/05/2018
Overall I think the services address the concerns of our business
Would give 5 stars if only.
By Barry on 10/03/2018
Have requested over and over if they would give me the option to remove IP addresses from the time card. For those of us who do not use them It would make the card so much easier to read. The people there are wonderful to deal with seem to want to help me I just havent seen it yet. Thank you for a great clock.
5 Stars
By Kelly on 09/18/2018
Easy to use, and easy for employees to use. Cost effective. Good program
Great Time Clock
By S. on 09/12/2018
time clock features
By cgreen on 09/11/2018
I love the convenience for the employees and payroll clerk. It works fantastic, easy to set-up and easy to make change if needed. And all of the features so far have worked great.!
By Anon on 09/09/2018
Great service
By John P. on 09/05/2018
OnTheClock.com is a great service! I was tired of manually calculating hours. I wanted an easy but powerful timekeeping program or website. On The Clock is exactly what I was looking for. Its very easy to use but is packed with the features I needed. I highly recommend it!

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