Add Bulk PTO

Add Bulk PTO

Add Bulk PTO is used to put in Vacation, Holiday, Sick and Personal time for one or multiple employees. To add bulk PTO you would do the following.

In the Add Bulk PTO section, you can input Holiday PTO for one or all your employees at once. This is a four-step process that will put the PTO into the Time Cards and deduct it from the employee’s accrued balance. In the steps below we will explain how to add Holiday PTO. You can use this for any PTO category using the same steps.

Step 1 – You select the employee or employees you want to add Holiday PTO for by checking the box before their name. Note you will be adding the same amount of PTO for all employees that you select.

Step 2 – You select the year you want to add PTO for.

Step 3 – You specify PTO hours to be added for each Holiday you want in the HOL column only. We have the Standard 14 holidays most people observe. We also have three Custom Dates that you can use as well; you just put in the date in the box. These custom dates can be used for bulk adding Vacation, Sick time, Personal time or any special holiday we did not list.

Step 4 – Verify and Save the PTO to be added.

If you need to correct Previously entered Bulk PTO:

If you previously added Bulk PTO hours using this page and did it again for the same days then the PTO for the selected employee/date will be overwritten with the new PTO Hours specified the second time you added Bulk PTO. You cannot use 0 for the amount of time. If you want to remove PTO then you need to go to the Time Cards and delete those days for the employee(s).

NOTE: In the Time Cards on the date you added PTO you will have a note similar to this. **This timecard entry was bulk added on 2/28/2013 4:49:40 PM


 You can use also use the Bulk PTO option to put in vacation, sick and personal time. You can use the 3 Custom lines to put in any PTO on the custom date you specify. 

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