Alerts and Messaging Tab

Ontheclock Alerts and Messaging Tab 

SMS (text) Message Alerts:

If you want to use SMS message alerts you will need to Enable SMS Messaging if you haven't already. NOTE: There is a charge to us the SMS Messaging and you will need to confirm that you want to use it.

If you want to add an administrator or Manager to get the alerts, you can use the drop-down in the Recipient box that says “add an admin Or manager” and choose which admin or manager you want to get notified. Then click on the Punch In and Out sliders to turn on which alert you want.

Or if you want to have someone else to get the Message Alerts you can specify their mobile number in the Specify another # box. You can add as many recipients as you need. 

 If you want to remove an Admin, Manager or other numbers you just click the Red X to delete them.


How do I calculate SMS (text) message fees?

We charge $2 per month to activate SMS (text) messaging on your account, and $0.01 per sent SMS message. An SMS message can be sent for various reasons such as sending an employee their welcome message, auto punch out notifications, punch reminders, etc. 

Why is there a charge for SMS(text) messaging?

Unlike email which is basically free, the wireless carriers have decided to charge for every text message sent or received. Most consumer and business mobile plans include this in the monthly bill, so you never see it. So is required to set up an SMS gateway for each carrier and the carriers then charge us a fee each month and for each SMS message sent. 


Punch Messages:

(Optional): Allows the employee to type a note when punching in/out. The note will appear in the punch log and optionally be sent to the manager via email. Notes in the punch log can only be seen by the administrator or manager, the employees cannot see them. To see the message in the Time Cards, check the box next to "Show Punches" and it will expand out to show all the punches and notes.


Options are:

  • Allow – This allows the employee to send a message that is in the Time Cards when viewing with the “Show Punches” option chosen.
  • Allow and Email Manager - This allows the employee to send a message that is in the Time Cards when viewing with the “Show Punches” option chosen as well as sending an email to the employee's assigned manager/managers. If no manager/managers are assigned then it emails the administrator. (Managers must have a valid Internet email address for this to work.)


Message to Employee:

(Optional): A message can be displayed to the employee when punching in and out. Start and thru dates can optionally be set to control when the message is displayed. If you do not put in a Thru date then the message will continue to be displayed to the employee continuously.

Click on the green “Save” button when finished.



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