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Employee Set Up

For all the employee functions click on the “Employees” tab at the top of the screen to access your employee list where you can add and delete employees.  On the employee list page, you can use the search box for an employee if you have a very long list of employees.

If you just need to edit one employee, you can click the Employees button and in the drop-down menu, you can choose the employee you want to edit.

What to Set Up Next

Adding New Employees

Setup Employee General Tab 

The General Tab is where you put in the basic information for your employee when you set them up. Only the basic information section (except the Mobile Number) is required to set up the employee. 

Setup Employee PTO

Setup Employee Security Tab

Here you can choose how you want to restrict the employee punches.

Alerts and Messaging Tab

On this page you can setup SMS texting when an employee punches in or out; you can also allow the employee to leave a message for their manager when they punch in or out and/or you can leave a message for your employee that they will see when they log in.

Pay Rates Tab

Renewing Paid Time Off

In this section, it explains how to update the yearly PTO and how to Export the PTO year before you update the year for the employee. 

Employee Quits or is Terminated

How To Restore an Employee

Punch Automation & Reminders

This replaces the Automation Tab in the employee record. Create fixed schedules which do not change from week to week, Add Reminders for Manual Punches, Setup Auto Breaks and Auto End of the Day Punch Outs for one or all of your employees.

Comp Time does not have Comp time built into the system. We do have a workaround but it requires you to manually manage it.

Employee Groups

Employee groups are used to maintain default settings for one or more employees.  Employees who are assigned a group will inherit the group default settings.


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Yes, you can add an employee as a manager as well. To do this go to settings ? Manager ? Add manager. The email address can be the same for the employee and manager profiles.

What's Next

Employee Training

Onboarding a new employee? Have them join a free training session.

Get your Manager Onboarded

Add your manager(s), send their login, and assign employees.


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