Current PTO & PTO Requests

PTO is Paid Time Off. To view PTO, to approve or deny PTO or to Add Holiday PTO, you click on the PTO button in the top menu. The only reports that can be printed from the PTO pages are when you choose an employee.  When you are viewing an employee you can export out an Excel CSV file of the employee’s PTO.

When you click on the PTO button, you will come to a page where you need to select either Current PTO & PTO Requests or Add Bulk PTO.

Current PTO & PTO Requests

Current PTO & PTO Requests is used when you want to review each employee’s PTO or to Approve and Deny PTO Requests. There is no option to view all employees at one time.

To View an Employee's Current PTO Hours:

You choose the employee's name and it will generate a report for that employee. It will show you the Type of PTO, Alloted/Accrued, Used, Balance and the PTO Rule. Below that section, you will have a PTO Summary Tab and Details tab for any PTO that is turned on.

The "PTO" Details Tab, when clicked on, will show you the details as to how the particular PTO has been calculated. It will detail the Accruals and the Used PTO time to give you a current Balance of the PTO.


Exporting an Employee's PTO

You can export an employee yearly PTO on this page. You would choose the employee's name and when it generates the report in an Excel CSV format.



PTO Request Section


The PTO request section has been updated so you have more options than just approving and denying PTO. It also has a newer look to it.

To edit a PTO you just click on the specific PTO Request to bring up the edit page. It will look like the screenshot below.


In the top right corner, you have a Current Balance of the employee’s PTO category they requested. It shows what they have allotted/accrued, what they have used and the balance they have remaining. Reviewing this will show you if they have PTO available for the request that they submitted. You also have options that you can modify.


This shows the type of PTO that was requested. You do have the choice to change the PTO type. When you do the current balance in the top right corner will change to that type so you can see the balance.

From Date:   Thru Date:

You have the option to change the dates if you do not want to approve for the date requested.

Hours Per Day

You have the option to change the number of hours per day.

UnPaid Time

If you check this box then the PTO will be UnPaid. It will put the PTO in the Time Cards in that category but it will not count towards hours worked. It will not reduce the PTO balance or be added to the Total hours as the Paid PTO does.

Note To Manager/Administrator

In this box is where the employee left a note for his manager or administrator if no manager was assigned to the employee.

Note To Employee

In this box, you can leave a note for the employee. They can view the note when they view their PTO requests.

At the bottom

Here is where you can Approve or Deny the request, you can also Cancel which will close the window and not save any changes you made.


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