Employee Groups

Employee groups are used to maintain default settings for one or more employees.  Employees who are assigned a group will inherit the group default settings.  You can always edit the settings in the Employee group and then any employee assigned to that group will be updated to the new settings. If you customized a setting for one or more of the employees in the Group then those customized settings will not change.

If necessary, these settings can be customized on a per employee basis as well. You would set up the Employee Group, assign the employee to that group and then go to that employee’s record and check the box for Customize Settings on the page you want to change for that employee.

To use the Employee Groups you do the following.

  1. Log in
  2. Hover over the Settings button
  3. Choose Employee Groups
  4. Click on New Employee Group
  5. Name the Group
  6. Then proceed to set your default settings for all the employees in this group.
  7. Make sure you click the Save button when you are finished.
  8. You can create as many Employee Groups as you need.

Then you do the following.

  1. If you already have employees in your employee list you just edit them and add them to the Employee Group you created.
  2. If you are adding new employees then you just need to choose the Employee Group and fill out the Basic Information section. First Name, Last Name, Email/User Name, Password and Mobile Phone (if applicable).

To edit an individual employee’s settings if you used the Employee Groups settings you would do the following.

  1. Click on the Employees button
  2. Click on the employee you want to customize
  3. Find the section you want to customize
  4. Check the box for Customize Settings
  5. Then in that section, you can customize one or all the settings


Help Sections that can answer questions on Employee Group Sections.

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Employee PTO Rules Tab

Employee Security Tab

Employee Alerts & Messaging Tab

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