**Fingerprint Reader Troubleshooting

Problem: Fingerprint reader does not read fingerprints anymore.

How do you clean the fingerprint reader? If you are using any type of cleaning solution, paper towels or rags then you are destroying the lens of the reader. Any cleaning solution will change the property of the lens and using a towel to clean it will scratch the surface which will distort the way it reads the fingerprints. The proper way to clean the reader is to use scotch tape to clean the reader. Damaged readers would need to be replaced.  

See Care & Maintenance

Another solution is to have the employee rub their finger on their forehead before using the reader. During the winter months and dryer climates, the human fingerprint will shrink up making it difficult for the reader to read it. Rubbing the finger on the forehead adds a little oil to their finger which will expand out the fingerprint and make it easier to read. 

Problem: The software does not recognize the reader.

This could be because the driver is corrupt. You need to remove both the Digital Persona software and the OnTheClock FingerPunch software, reboot the computer and re-install the software.

See the Install Guide 

Problem: Difficulty with installing the software.

We have found that some firewall and anti-virus software may hinder installing the software. 

Temporarily turn off your firewall software and anti-virus software before installing the FingerPunch software. Note: If you already attempted to install then you would need to remove both the Digital Persona and the OnTheClock Fingerpunch software from the computer, reboot and then try again after disabling the firewall and anti-virus software. 

Problem: "On The Clock has stopped working"

If you get this message it could possibly be that it is a computer glitch or the program may be corrupt. Try troubleshooting as follows.

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. Open up IE (Internet Explorer) and delete the history and cache. Then close the web browser (IE).

If it continues to not work then you will need to uninstall the software and reinstall it. 

 See Reinstall Fingerprint Reader Software  

Problem: The fingerprint reader has a problem of accessing the web page.

Whitelist the following on your firewall.   service.ontheclock.com 

Problem: Trouble installing fingerprint reader "Error 1422".

We have found that some Firewall and Anti-Virus software may hinder installing the software.  

Problem: IE shuts down immediately.

We found a posting online that talked about changing the "Use Software Rendering instead of GPU Rendering" in the Advanced Internet Options screen. This affects the video interface. Changing this setting did solve the problem and the fingerprint reader is now able to access IE.


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