Group Punch Station on a Computer and Mobile

The Group Punch Station is designed to mimic the function of a wall mounted time clock, allowing multiple employees to punch in/out rapidly. It can be used on a single PC (Personal Computer) or Mobile Device using our App.

Once the Group Punch Station is set up, the employee only has to put in their employee number to punch in or out. They do not have access to view their PTO, request PTO or view their time cards with this option. This option can also be used if you want to make sure your employees only punch in at your office. You can use the Group Punch Station on a PC, Tablet or Phone.

To register the Group Punch Station it must be done thru a web browser, either on a computer or your mobile device. There is no option to do it thru the Mobile App.

For the PC, Tablet or Phone using the web browser.

To set up Group Punch you log in as the administrator in a web browser here:

1. Hover over the Settings icon

          Ontheclock - Settings - Icon

2. Select Time Clock Settings

3. Go to the Employee Punch Site Tab


4. Use the drop-down Menu to select “On” for the Group Punching


5. Click on Register this Device.


6. The screen will close out on its own.

Next, you need to turn on the Group Punch option in each employee’s record.

1. Click on the Employees Icon.


2. Click on the Employee’s name

3. Scroll to the Additional Features section.

4. Use the drop-down menu to select “On” for Group Punching.


5. Make sure to press Save at the bottom of the page or you can press “Save & Next” in your upper right-hand corner to save your current record and go to the next employee.


6. Sign out of your account.


This Section is if you are using a Web Browser on your Computer, Tablet or Phone.

1. Click on the Group Punch Icon in your upper right-hand corner.


2. Then you will get the following where the employee just enters their personal employee number and click on the Next button to clock in and out. 



NOTE: When using the Group Punch Station, make sure your web browser does not delete cookies. If your cookies are deleted you will need to “Register This PC” again.


This Section is for a Tablet or Phone using the Mobile App

Log into your On the Clock App on your Mobile Device or Tablet as an Administrator.

1. Click on Group Punch Mode


2. Click on Confirm.


 3. You will then have the Group Punch Mode setup on your mobile device.



NOTE: The only way to exit the Group Punch Mode in the App is to use the administrator’s Password. So your employees will not be able to close out of the Group Punch Mode unless you give them your administrator password.




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