OTC Fingerprint Reader Option

The OTC Fingerprint Reader is OnTheClock.com’s fingerprint login option. With this option, the employee places their registered finger(s) on the reader to securely log them in to punch in or out for the day. This option eliminates buddy punching and also requires the employee to be at the company facility to punch in or out, thereby eliminating the chance that they will punch in or out at home or on the road. The Fingerprint reader replaces the employee's User Name and Password and still requires the employee to click on the Punch In/Out button to actually punch in/out.


This is a Premium Service provide by OnTheClock.com and is an additional cost of $0.50 per employee per month above the Standard pricing per employee for accounts with 3 or more employees. Accounts with 1 or 2 employees will no longer be free accounts with this option, there will be a minimum $5.00 per month charge for these accounts.

Requirements for the Fingerprint Reader:

A computer or tablet with a Windows operating system, and a USB port for the fingerprint reader to plug into. The fingerprint reader software only works in a Windows operating system.

If you purchase a Fingerprint Reader Online it MUST be a Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint reader. No other reader will work with our system.

We do recommend you buy a new reader so you do not have any problems. Used readers, if they are older may not function with the software.

Purchasing a Reader
You can purchase a reader Online. You will also need to download the software from us, which includes the Fingerprint Reader software and the Driver for it. It can be found in the Help section on the Software Downloads page. The software will only work on a Windows-based computer that has a free standard sized USB port. We also recommend you download the Quick Install Guide and the Maintenance Guide which is in the same area of the Help section. Cost of the software is Free.


Online Sources for the Fingerprint Reader
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