Print, Export & Email

In the Timecard Options section, you can choose how to View, Print, Export or Email the time cards. To use the different options: just check or uncheck the box in front of the option. The following will explain the options.

  1. Show Daily: This is the default view and is always checked. You will also see any notes created when editing the time cards.
  2. Show Totals: Is used to show the total hours for each employee on the Excel Export. It does not do anything for the Print PDF.
  3. One / Page: Is used when using the Print option into a PDF file, it does not function in the Excel Export option. This will separate the employees so that each employee is on their own page.
  4. If you want the Time Cards to show all punches in/out you would check the box for Show Punches in the Search & Filter area before printing the time cards.
  5. If you want to show the Pay Totals on the Time Cards you would check the box for Show Payroll in the Search & Filter area before printing the time cards.

Print, Export & Email buttons:

  1. Print: This option will create a PDF file that will download to your computer. Timecard Options Show Punches, One / Page, and Calculate Payroll may be used.
  2. Excel Export: This option will create a CSV file that will download to your computer. It can be used in Excel and can also be used to import into QuickBooks Desktop and other bookkeeping software that can import CSV files. QuickBooks will need to download the Quickbooks Desktop Timecard Importer (only for Windows users) in the HELP section under Software Downloads. NOTE MAC users: You will need to remove the .html at the end of the downloaded file (e.g. csv.html) to be able to view it as a CSV file.
  3. Email: When choosing this option you will be taken to a page where you choose your options. Check the boxes for options you want to use and put in the email address for the person you want to receive it. It will send both a PDF file and a CSV file to that email address. You can put up to 3 email address.
  4. QuickBooks: This button will allow you to send your payroll to QuickBooks Online. Note that the administrator of the account would have to connect your account to your company’s QuickBooks account in the Time Card Settings for this button to work.



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