Punch Automation and Reminders


The Punch Automation and Reminders page will allow you to set up a fixed punch schedule for each day of the week. 

  1. Use "Manual" if your employees manually punch out/in for breaks.
  2. Use "Auto" and the employees will be automatically punched out/in for the break. (No punching Required)
  3. Check "Apply" to assign employees to this schedule in Step 3.
  4. Check "Remind" in Step 3 to have a text message and email sent to the employee 10 minutes before the break or end of the day. (For text messages you would need to have a mobile number for the employee and for the email, you would need to use an email address for the employee user name.)

To get to the Punch automation & Reminder Schedule you do the following:

  • Hover over the “Settings” Button.
  • Select the last option “Punch Automation & Reminders”.
  • You will be redirected to a new screen.
  • Click ‘Add New’ to get started.

Step 1 - Name the Schedule & Select Break Count

  • Create a Schedule Name. (For example Day Shift)
  • Select “How Many Breaks” to apply. You can select 0 - 3 breaks for the schedule.
  • Choose "None" if you do not want to use Breaks you can just use it to punch the employee out at a certain time of day or after they work a set number of hours.

Step 2 - Set the Start Time, Break Start & End Time and End Day Time.

Fill in the chart below with the start, breaks, and end day times.

  1. In the “Out Time” and “In Time” boxes you can type in specific time increments that are different than what appears in the drop down. The drop down is a quick pick menu for half hour increments.
  2. “Out Hours” means that after the value entered in that column is reached the employee is to punch out. (example: After 8 hours – the employee is reminded to punch out or is punched out.)
  3. If the values entered in the first row will be the same all the way down you can select "Copy down" under Monday to auto-fill in the rest of the schedule.
  4. At the top of the chart, you will see check boxes that say “Manual” or “Auto”.
  • "Manual"– Employees still need to physically punch in/out for the day but can receive system reminders.
  • "Auto"- The system will automatically punch in/out employees for breaks and end of day times. NOTE: Auto punch excludes the punch in time at the start of the day. The employee must punch in for the start of the day before the Auto punches take effect.

 Step 3 – Select Employees and Reminders

Here you can apply this schedule you created to All or Only Some Employees.

    1. Select the employees that this schedule is for by selecting the checkbox under “Apply”.
    2. To send out a reminder for employees to punch in/out check the box under “Punch Reminder”.
    3. Review your times and employees assigned to the schedule.
    4. Click “Save” once completed and the schedule will apply to those employees.

You can always edit a Schedule if things change or Employees need to be added or removed.

Important Notes:

Notifications will be sent via email or text if SMS TXT messaging is enabled on the account. For text messages, you would need to have a mobile number for the employee and for the email, you would need to use an email address for the employee user name.

Employees punch reminder notifications are sent out 10 minutes prior to the designated in/out time.

**This feature is not retroactive if it is set up after the "Start" punch time of the day this schedule will not apply to employees until the next day begins. If the employee misses a manual punch (start of the day, or break) all future auto punches and reminders for that day will stop.

**If you have "Auto" on employees MUST manually punch at the start of the day for the automation to take place.  This is set up to prevent an employee that is absent from being auto punched in.



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