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For more information on QuickBooks Online please visit their website quickbooks.intuit.com

Our QuickBooks Online AND Desktop integrations allows transparent communication with OnTheClock.com. With the click of a button you connect to your QuickBooks account, from there you can sync employees and send time cards to QuickBooks online. Once time cards have been synced, the hours will be available to create payroll or for customer billing.

You can learn how to connect and upload your time cards to QuickBooks Online. OnTheClock.com can only link up to QuickBooks Online plus accounts, this is the only package that currently offers time tracking which is where the time card reports get sent. 

QuickBooks Online Guide 


You can learn how to use the OnTheClock.com QuickBooks Desktop Importer. Click the link below.

QuickBooks Desktop Guide


 Some Solutions for the Desktop Importer.

QuickBooks Desktop Importer General Error Solution

QuickBooks Desktop Importer "No Disk" Error Solution




Click on Setup Guide to learn how to get set up for Thomson Reuters Accounting CS



Payroll Connect

When using Payroll Connect you are provided with an elegant and seamless payroll experience. Once you have connected your OnTheClock.com account with Payroll Connect, you will simply approve your time cards and click “Send To Payroll Connect”. From there, the experts at Payroll Connect take over. Payroll is processed using either direct deposit or paychecks are express mailed to you.

For more information on Payroll Connect please visit their website payrollconnectmi.com



To contact or learn more about ConnectPay click here


List of other Payroll Providers We Support.

We have an Excel export in out time cards that can be used to upload to various payroll providers. You will need to contact the specific payroll provider as to how to upload the CSV file to their program. Or you can print a PDF and manually put in the times.



And Many others.


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