**Reinstall Fingerprint Reader Software

Reinstalling the Fingerprint Reader software

Sometimes it becomes necessary to re-install the software if it becomes corrupt or quits working. So the following is the process to reinstall the Fingerprint Reader software. Note: You must follow the instructions to properly uninstall and reinstall the software or the software may not work.

  1. You would first need to uninstall both the Digital Persona U.are.U RTE software as well as the Ontheclock.com Finger Punch software.
  2. Go to your Control Panel to uninstall the software.
  3. When it gives you the list of programs you first uninstall the Digital Persona U.are.U RTE software.
  4. After it is uninstalled do not reboot the computer at this time if it suggests it.
  5. Then you uninstall the Ontheclock.com Finger Punch software.
  6. You will then need to reboot your computer. This will finish uninstalling both software programs.
  7. Then once the computer is back up you have to sign on as the administrator of the computer (not as a standard user) before you can re-install the software. If you try to install the software as a standard user it will fail to work.



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