State Required Sick Leave PTO

Some States have Sick Time Leave Laws where they give the employee 1 hour for X hours worked. California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Arizona and Vermont are some of those states. There may be more, you would need to check your state’s laws.

To setup Sick PTO for this situation you would do the following.

For the Sick PTO Rule you would choose “Accrue X hours per every hour worked”.

Then you would take the State’s rule, for example: California requires 1 hour for every 30 hours worked, divide the 1 by 30 you would get .03333333. You would round it up at the 4th decimal to .0334 (our system only allows for 4 decimal places) and you would put that in the Accrue box. This will give the employee 1.002 hours for every 30 hours worked rather than .9999 hours if you did not round up. Yes this is 2 thousandths of an hour extra but you would not have any legal problems giving the extra whereas you may have a problem if you round down and the employee decides to pursue getting what hours they are short.

Some of the other states have different number of hours worked. You would do the same formula, 1 divided by X hours to get the decimal amount.

If the State’s law caps the maximum of hours that you need to give then you put that amount in the “Max Hours per Year” box.


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