Time Card Approval Section

This section will appear in the Time Cards if Time Card Approval is turned on in the Time Clock Settings. This is where the managers or administrator can approve the Time Card for the employees. The approval can be done by the employee or all the employees. To approve individual employees, there is a checkbox next to the Hours Sub Total for each employee that can be checked. Then you will have the buttons of Approve and Un-Approve show up. When you click the Approve button it will show a green circle with a check mark in it.

To Approve or Un-Approve all the Time Cards, you check the box in the Time Card Approval section next to Click Here to select all time cards. Then click on the Approve or Un-Approve button.  See the long red box in the screenshot below.

Or optionally you can approve individual employee time cards by checking the box for each employee. See the smaller red box in the screenshot below.

An Approved Time card will have the Green Circle with a Check Mark in it as shown in the green box below.


 Time Card Approval


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