Time Card Search and Filter Section

This section is the same for both of the “Not So Adventurous” and the “ Adventurous” Time card pages.

 Search and Filter 


In the Search and Filter section you have different filters that can be used independently or in any combination.

  1. Pay Period: This filter you can choose pay periods for 1 year going forward or backwards. To show more than one year’s worth of pay periods going backwards you scroll to the earliest pay period and choose Show Earlier Pay Periods.
  2. Dates: In this line you can choose the beginning date of a Pay Period and in the thru you choose the end date of a Pay Period. It will then expand out and show all the Pay Periods in the Range selected.
  3. Custom: In this line you can choose specific dates other than Pay Period dates. Note: If the dates do not coincide with your standard pay period dates your overtime calculations may differ from the standard pay periods.
  4. Sort By: Choices are Name, Date or Date, Name.
    1. Name, Date: This option is the standard view for the time cards; it groups the time cards by the employee and then the dates that they worked.
    2. Date, Name: This option groups the date (i.e. Monday 9/19/11) and lists which employees worked on that date.
  5. Manager: Can choose ALL managers (default) or a specific manager. If you choose a specific manager then only the employees that the manager is assigned to will be displayed.
  6. Department: Can choose ALL departments (default) or a specific department. Note: the department filter will only show the employees that are assigned to that department and not hours which employees worked in a department.
  7. Employee: Can choose ALL employees (default) or a specific employee name.
  8. Job: Can choose ALL jobs (default) or a specific job. Jobs are generally used to track hours for different jobs the employee may work on. Employees that punch in and out of Jobs can be filtered in the Time Cards to show the hours employees work on certain Jobs.
  9. Show Punches: If the box is checked then in this view you will see the following.
    1. Every punch in or out the employee made.
    2. The IP address where they punched in and out at.
    3. The department and/or job chosen when punching in.
    4. Any notes the employee sent when punching in or out.
    5. Any notes when the Time Cards were edited.
  10. Show Payroll: If the box is checked then this option calculates the Gross Pay for each employee. You would have to fill out the information in the Pay Rates tab for each employee in order for this option to show Payroll otherwise it will show as $0.00.
  11. Show Audit Log: If the Timecard Audit Trail is turn on in the Time Clock Settings, then this option will show up in the Time Cards. If the box is checked it will expand out to show any Time Card changes made.


The Archive button

The Archive button will only show for an administrator. Only the administrator can archive or un-archive pay periods.

Archiving is used to create a permanent historical record of a pay period that cannot be edited. When you Archive a pay period our system it moves that pay period to a separate Database. It will then put "(archived)" after it. It will also leave the empty pay period in the listing, so you will have 2 instances of the pay period in your listing.

More information on Archiving can be found at this link: 



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